Will Cetaphil Clog Pores?

Learning more about the type of skin you have can help you know if certain products clog pores. The location of the acne can help you know if a certain product is to blame, or if your skin is the cause.

Clogged pores cause acne and this leads to blackheads or whiteheads forming on your skin. The propionibacterium acne bacteria is also present with acne and often causes red bumps and inflammation. The question most people who are new to using Cetaphil is whether it clogs pores or not.

In general, Cetaphil does not clog pores. However, depending on the type of skin you have, you may end up triggering the skin to break and clog pores. Even though Cetaphil is labeled as a non-comedogenic product, still there are ingredients in it that can actually clog pores. Some of these ingredients include Cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20. However, some people can still use Cetaphil and have no problems, even those with acne-prone skin, but some may experience an acne breakout after using the product.

Cetaphil is a skincare product used to cure different skin problems such as rough, scaly, itchy skin, and irritations such as diaper rash, skin burns, and skin sores. Cetaphil contains an element called emollient, which softens and moisturizes the skin and reduces itching and flakes.

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It also includes zinc oxide and white petrolatum, which protects your skin from irritations such as wetness and over-dryness. 

Dry skin develops when the upper layer of your skin loses water. The emollient, found in the Cetaphil lotion, works by creating a coating that traps moisture in the skin. The common emollients are petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oil, and dimethicone. All these work as moisturizers on the skin.

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What Causes Pores to clog?

There are many factors that can cause pores to clog and below we have listed some of them:

1. Skin Debris

Dirt, skin oils, and dead skin cells can cause pores. When the dead skin changes into an oxide by the exposure to oxygen, they turn into blackheads. But if the plug does not get converted, the clogged pores will continue as a whitehead. Also, high levels of stress, poor food diet, and failure to take care of your skin can lead to clogged pores.

2. Smoking

This is one of the simple habits that can cause clogged pores. Smoking destroys your skin by weakening its elasticity and strength, leading to early aging.

3. Touching your face frequently

Avoid touching your face unnecessarily. This will cause acne by the spread of P. acnefungus. By handling your face all day, bacteria, viruses, oils, and allergens are spread from your hands to your skin, which clogs your skin. Try your best to wash your hands, and it will do you good.

Signs of Clogged Pores

Acne is a disorder that we all fight against, caused by dirt and a poor diet. The acne is clogged and inflamed pores that end up in minor blemishes. Below are some of the signs of the clogged pores.

1. Whiteheads Filled with Acne

If you want to know whether your acne has a whitehead or not, feel your blemish softly, and you will know. Acne hormones do not have pokey whiteheads. Acne is only inflamed and cystic without the presence of pus. If whiteheads are present in your acne; this is a sign that the pore was infected because of clogging due to dirt and makeup.

2. Pokey Blackhead because of blemish

Clogged pores can be inflamed because of the infected blackhead as well. Blackheads lie on the top, and you can touch the pokey head when you feel it.

3. Small White Spots Around The Mouth, Nose, and Chin

 These are tiny white blemishes that are painful when you feel them. They form because of clogged pores. They develop when you do not take care of your skin all the time.

Ways of Preventing Clogged Pores

• Face steaming: This is the best method of protecting and treating your skin from clogged pores. As you steam your face, increased temperature opens your pores, and sweat helps the toxins come out, purifying your skin. Therefore, try to steam your face once a week using good moisturizing lotions that cannot dry your skin.

• Exfoliating: This is for slogging out dead skin cells, and cleansing the pores so they cannot be clogged and dirty. Use a nice simple towel and apply a moisturizer after that. 

• Opt for mineral makeup: Mineral makeup is suitable for those with blemished skin prone to congestion. Mineral makeup can be on the skin without touching the pores and allows the pores to get oxygen keeping them unclogged.

• Natural treatment: Try to use organic aloe vera gel, almond milk, sweet almond oil, sweet almond oil, and neem oil that can be applied to your skin before going to sleep to prevent and treat clogged pores. You can also use a mixture of turmeric and milk, and apple cider as a face mask two times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Charcoal Face Masks to unclog my pores? Do they work?

Face masks help unclog pores by softening the pores and extracting dirt and grime out the pores. This is where a Charcoal Face Mask comes in. Charcoal naturally acts as a dirt extractor in the way that it extracts the dirt and grime out of your pores but also it is being used in toothpaste to give white teeth. A difference can only be experienced with regular use. We recommend using a face mask once a week as it will give time to your skin allowing it to heal.

Below are some Charcoal Face Masks that we agree work perfectly to unclog pores:

  1. Procoal Activated Charcoal Face Mask
  2. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Black Charcoal Detox Face Mask
  3. Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti-Blackhead Charcoal

Should I squeeze the dirt out of the pores?

Squeezing the dirt out of the pores is a bad practice as it can enlarge the pores and the elasticity of the skin will allow it to stretch and not be able to return to its original size. This is why we recommend that you do not squeeze the dirt out but instead you can use some of the procedures listed in this article.

What product is extremely effective in removing dirt from pores?

There is no specific product that is effective but a compound that you can look for in products that work to unclog pores. Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) are two products that are extremely effective in removing dirt and debris from your skin. They dissolve the dirt and grime away from the pores without damaging or stretching their size and making them look small. Below are some products that contain AHA and BHA, we recommend that you apply a moisturizer after using these products.

  1. Alpha Skin Care Intensive Renewal Serum
  2. Buttah Rosewater Toner – AHA/BHA Rose Water Toner
  3. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant


Cetaphil is a popular, affordable brand of skincare products. Many people have questions about whether or not the creams and lotions are safe for their skin type. One common question is whether Cetaphil will clog pores. As many people know, clogged pores can lead to acne breakouts.

The short answer is no, Cetaphil products do not tend to cause clogged pores in most cases – but it’s always best to consult with your dermatologist if you are concerned about any particular product that you’re using on your skin!

Cetaphil will only clog your pores depending on how you manage your skin. Keeping your skin clean and washed will avoid clogged pores.

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