When should I start shaping my beard?

When should I start shaping my beard?

When you are growing your beard, you think about when you need to shape it. One thing to know is that you first need to understand the shape of your beard. A beard can take time to grow to a length you can understand its shape. Therefore, you will need to give yourself at least three or five weeks after shaving to know the shape that your beard takes. 

This simply means that you should never shape your beard before the three weeks mark after shaving it. Instead, you should wait at least four to five weeks until you can shave it. Shaping your beard too soon can cause it to become lopsided.

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Another thing to help you with when to trim your beard is to never let the beard connect with your chest hair ( if you have it). If your beard is close to connecting with your hair, trim it as soon as possible. 

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After waiting for a period of three to four weeks, you can then decide what you want your beard to look like, and the style of the beard that you want. You can also decide whether you want a short beard, stubble, and so on.

You should select the style that I’d be more comfortable for you. If you know how your beard grows, shaping can be easy. For instance, if you want the ZZ top, you may trim the neck and let the beard grow on the other parts, and style them temporarily using your favorite beard balm.  

You can also go to a quality barber for the shaping. According to your style, the barber may be able to trim the areas that need to be trimmed and leave those ends that do not need to be trimmed. You may also get a beard trimmer and do it on your own if the barber is not a choice for you.

Beard Shaping

Shaping the beard needs one to be diligent. Shaping the beard can help one to look good and gives great results. You can easily go to the barber or learn to shape the beard on your own. 

To learn how to shape the beard on your own, you need a lot of practice, it also requires a great amount of discipline. The fact is that no one can know your beard the way that you do, so it is recommended to shape the beard on your own. You should consider getting the best beard products and choosing a technique that works for you and your beard. 

Before shaping your beard, you need to keep in mind that the beard is different and unique. Beards differ because people can have different types of hair, and different jawlines. as well as different degrees of symmetry. Therefore, the results will look different for every beard type.

However, the tips that are outlined here will help you to start shaping your beard as well as grooming it. Before you start shaping your beard, it is also very important to know the kind of beard shape that suits your face very well. Different shapes will look best depending on the type of face that you have. Therefore, know the beard shape that will look well on your face.

The following are the steps one needs to follow when shaping a beard:

  1. Combing the beard
  2. Trimming the body
  3. Lining up the neck
  4. Getting the cheeks
  5. Fading the sideburns
  6. Fixing the mustache
  7. Getting rid of flyaways
  8. Conditioning the beard

Combing the Beard

Before you start shaping or trimming your beard, it first needs to be combed. Combing the beard helps to de-tangle any knots. This also helps to organize the shape of your beard and tells you the length of your beard. 

Using a comb is better instead of using a brush. Brushes work best when it comes to styling your beard. On the other hand, a comb will distribute the sections of the beard in your hair. According to the size of your beard, there are different types of combs that one can use.

Long-haired beards work well with a long-toothed comb. Any comb will be okay for short to medium-sized beards. Wood combs are great as they help to reduce static electricity. 

Trimming the body of the beard

Once the beard is combed. It’s now time to choose the shape of the beard that you want. You choose to first trim the body and then work your way up from the chin to the ear. If you heard is short or medium-sized, you may choose to use a large trimmer guard.

This allows you to establish the beard. You may then carefully chin up the sides. You should also try to move the beard with your fingers to see the shape. To get the perfect length, you should use a trimmer that has a lot of trimmer guards. 

Lining up your neckline

A beard looks great with a neckline that is not too much. Therefore, you need to take care of your neckline and learn how to shape your beard. You can also keep a tight neckline which will help to give a well-defined jawline. You can use a mirror to check the angles properly and line up the neckline precisely. 

Lining up the cheeks

You can use a straight-edge razor to the cheeks. This is suitable for people who are experienced as it can be dangerous for inexperienced people. 

You can also lose a regular razor by simply and carefully tracing the natural line of your cheek. You should also shave away any stray hair. This allows you to preserve your beard sides. 

Fading the sideburns

How you do this will depend on the length of your hair. You may have to do it too hard or not. When fading the side beards, you need to ensure that the flow from hair to beard is consistent. To do this, you can start with a large trimmer guard and work your way downwards to where your beard ends.

You may know where your beard ends due to hair color or the texture of the beard. You can also use smaller trimming guards to gradually trim the sideburns. 

Trimming the mustache

This is also another important step when shaping your beard.  You can trim your mustache by first combing it using a fine-tooth comb. A scissor or a precision trimmer can be used to trim the beard. Before, trimming it, first trace your lip outline, this should be done from the middle area to the end. You can then use the scissors to trim your mustache to the length that you desire. 

Get rid of any  Flyaway Hairs

Once you have successfully established the shape of your beard, you can then try to get rid of any flyaway hairs in your beard. Flyaways are singular hair strands that stick out of your beard. You can use a trimmer to cut them down. A pair of scissors can also successfully help you get rid of them.

Conditioning and Styling Your Beard

You can then finalize the whole process by conditioning and styling your well-shaped up beard. You can start by washing your beard once you are done. This allows you to get rid of any hairs on your neck or face. When washing you can use beard and face wash. This will not strip your beard of any oils or cause it to become brittle.

A conditioner helps to soften your beard and moisturizes it. You can also use beard balm or beard oil to further improve how the beard looks and make styling easy.

Beard Care

To care for your beard and to maintain its shape. You should use a daily beard conditioner as well as a facial moisturizer. You should also use premium beard oil. This helps to keep the beard soft and shiny. Besides the beard reduces itch, split ends, and beard dandruff and promotes healthy skin. These should be applied two times every day after you have washed your beard and face. 

When washing your beard. Make sure to use a face wash or a specific beard wash. If that is not available, you should use shampoo on the beard. This is because a normal face wash may strip the beard of its natural oils and cause it to become dry or coarse. 

You can end your beard about half an inch below your jawline. If your beard is short, it never pulls above your jawline when smiling. However, if it does, it means your beard is no longer short. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is having a Beard considered to be unprofessional?

That depends on how your Beard looks. Is it properly shaped, clean, and the right length meaning that does it look uniform in its length? Is it trimmed and there are no flyaway hairs. Does it smell nice? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then do not worry you look professional my friend!

Can I use Jamaican Castor Oil on my Beard?

Castor Oil nourishes the hair, prevents flyaways, and strengthens hair at the root thus preventing hair loss. Make sure to dilute it with another oil such as Coconut Oil because Castor Oil on its own to very thick causing minor difficulties when applying the oil. Here are 5 Jamaican Castor Oils that are 100% natural and listed on Amazon with free delivery.

What is the advice you would give to guys that have a Beard?

I would advise them to fight the urge to touch their beard too much as doing so can result in thinning in certain areas or create bald patches in different areas. Sticking to a Beard care routine will strengthen your Beard and keep it looking fresh and professional.


Shaping your beard should be done when your beard is grown. If you had your beard trimmer recently, shaping it should be done three to five weeks after that period. This is because before shaping your beard, you first need to know what your original beard shape looks like.

Therefore, give your beard time to grow to a length that you can easily understand and know its original shape. Giving your beard some time also prevents it from becoming lopsided. 

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