Top 10 Best Beard Growth Kit Gift Ideas

Most of the ladies have someone in their lives who takes their Beard growth seriously whether that be their fathers, brothers, friends, boyfriends, or husbands. Being able to gift them a gift that you know they will love brings a different kind of joy.

Nevertheless, knowing which one to gift is a stressful task as there are so many out there and knowing which ones are good is a task that requires a lot of research which is why we have compiled this list of the top 10 best beard growth kits gift ideas to make your life slightly easier and surely to help them in their beard growth journey.

Below is the list that we think are the best beard growth kits that are sure to make the men in your lives appreciate you.

  1. Zennutt Beard Growth Kit,
  2. Xikezan Beard Growth Kit,
  3. Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit,
  4. Jane Choi Beard Growth Kit,
  5. Fulllight Tech Beard Growth Kit,
  6. MayBeau Beard Growth Kit,
  7. An Bailihua Beard Growth Kit,
  8. Aovshey Beard Growth Kit,
  9. Arlega Beard Growth Kit,
  10. Goldworld Beard Growth Kit.

Interested? Let’s check them out!

  1. Zenutt Beard Growth Kit

There are a lot of goodies contained within the Zenutt Beard Growth Kit. It comes with a beard wash, beard conditioner, scissors, beard oil, beard balm, sandalwood comb, boar bristle brush, a free e-book, and a carrying bag which is a good touch.

This kit has all of the essentials and more that are sure to help that certain someone in their beard growth journey and makes them not have to worry about having to go and check them out themselves.


  • Reasonably priced,
  • Has everything they would need,
  • Free delivery


  • Due to the price range, the equipment could have been of better quality.

2. Xikezan Beard Growth Kit

The Xikezan Beard Growth Kit has everything that he would need. It has a beard oil, boar bristle brush, double-sided comb, trimming scissors, beard balm, carrying bag, and a free e-book which is a nice touch. It also comes with a derma roller and a cleanser to get rid of all the bacteria on the derma roller.


  • Comes with free delivery,
  • Derma roller included with cleanser,
  • Ingredients are 100% natural and has a nice scent to its products.


  • Does not include beard wash and conditioner

3. Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit

Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit comes with all the essential products that are required to help take care of the beard. It comes with a storage bag, derma roller, beard balm, beard oil, e-book, and a wooden comb.


  • Reasonably priced,
  • Good smelling beard oil and balm,
  • All the essential items required for taking care of a beard.


  • Does not come with a beard wash, conditioner and no cleanser for the derma roller.

4. Jane Choi Beard Growth Kit

Jane Choi Beard Growth Kit is the one that I personally used when I was starting out to growing my beard. It is not like the other growth kits in this list but be rest assured that if the person you are buying a beard growth kit for suffers from a patchy beard, this beard growth kit will thicken existing hair and in some cases cause new baby hairs to sprout out.


  • Reasonably priced with free delivery,,
  • One of its kind,
  • Comes with a serum, santizer and derma rolller.


  • Does not contain beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, beard conditioner, or an e-book like most of its competitors.

5. Fulllight Tech Beard Growth Kit

Fulllight Tech Beard Growth Kit comes with pretty much everything that a bearded man will be looking for. It comes with a free e-book, beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, trimming scissors, wild boar bristle brush, a wooden comb, and a carrying bag.


  • Products contain 100% natural ingredients,
  • A lot of goodies,
  • Work well with pretty much all skin types.


  • Products scent might not be for everyone as they are slighly strong.

6. MayBeau Beard Growth Kit

MayBeau Beard Growth Kit is an extremely high-quality product. The products that it comes with are premium quality and everything that a beards men would need. It comes with a derma roller, sanitiser, beard oil, beard balm, a wooden comb, and a carrying bag.


  • High quality products,
  • Has all the essentials,
  • Derma roller and sanitizer included.


  • Missing out Beard wash, conditioner and a free e-book.

7. An Bailihua Beard Growth Kit

An Bailihua Beard Growth Kit is the one that we recommend as a gift option. Our reasoning for this is that it has really good quality and good smelling products. They do what they are meant to do and the quantity of products that you get is enough. It comes with a derma roller, beard wash and shaves, beard balm, and derma roller sanitiser.


  • Reasonably priced,
  • Free delivery,
  • High-quality and good smelling products.


  • Does not come with a beard conditioner, storage bag and a free e-book.

8. Aovshey Beard Growth Kit

Aovshey Beard Growth Kit has all the essentials products to help encourage beard growth. The company also claims that their beard oils can also be used to stimulate hair growth which is good. If you have any problems with the product they offer a 100% unburdened refund. This beard growth kit comes with a carrying bag, beard oil, beard balm, handmade mahogany beard comb, and derma roller.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Premium build quality
  • Free delivery


  • Does not come with beard wash, conditioner and derma roller santizer.

9. Arlega Beard Growth Kit

Arlega Beard Growth Kit is one of the best beard growth kits in its class. Like the Zenutt beard growth kit, this kit also comes with a high array of goodies. It comes with beard wash, beard conditioner, beard oil, beard balm, trimming scissors, wooden beard comb, derma roller, boar bristle brush, and a carrying bag.


  • 100% natural products,
  • Reasonably priced,
  • Suitable for all beard types.


  • Scent may not be for everyone.

10. Goldworld Beard Growth Kit

Goldworld Beard Growth Kit is well-equipped and has everything that a modern-day Viking would need. It comes with 4.5-star reviews on Amazon. It comes with an e-book, beard wash, beard balm, beard oil, beard wax, boar bristle brush, wooden comb, trimming scissors, and a carrying bag.


  • Reasonably priced,
  • Good quality products
  • 100% natural ingredients


  • Like other beard growth kits, it does not come with a derma roller and sanitizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I intake to encourage beard growth?

The food that you should be eating to encourage beard growth are foods that contain high amounts of B-vitamins such as Biotin, B-12, and Niacin along with other nutrients such as Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, protein, and other vitamins and minerals

Should I comb or brush my beard?

Brushing is better than combing because when you are brushing the beard, the bristle of the brush helps lift the hair away from the skin that in turn makes the beard look fuller and healthier. Combing is better suited for hair on the scalp as the hair on the scalp is different compared to the beard. The beard has thicker hair follicles whereas the scalp has thinner hair.

What effect does brushing have on beard growth?

The effect that brushing has on beard growth is that it exfoliates the skin along with equally distributing the beard products that you apply and increases the blood flow in that area. This in turn encourages beard growth as oxygen-rich blood will be travelling to the hair follicles to provide the nutrients to the hair follicles.


Buying a beard growth kit is not an easy task but this list has all the best beard growth kits combined to make the decision-making process a bit easier for you. To recap, here is the list that comprises of Zennutt Beard Growth Kit, Xikezan Beard Growth Kit, Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit, Jane Choi Beard Growth Kit, Fulllight Tech Beard Growth Kit, MayBeau Beard Growth Kit, An Bailihua Beard Growth Kit, Aovshey Beard Growth Kit, Arlega Beard Growth Kit, and Goldworld Beard Growth Kit.

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