Lumin Skincare Review

People who are looking for an extremely easy way to level up their skincare game, look no further than Lumin. Lumin is a company that has been used by users all over the world and is endorsed by celebrities.

Lumin is also a company that you might have seen all over Instagram or you may know them by the company that offers a trial kit free of charge. Yep, you heard that right! Free of charge, the buyer only has to pay the shipping charges. 

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Lumin has also been featured on the GQ and Men’s Health showing just how effective and popular their products are.

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So how are the products? Are they worth the hype? Do they deliver results? Do they sell just face skincare items or complete body skincare items? Are they affordable?

If you have questions about Lumin then this article will help you have an idea of the company and its products. Let’s dive in!

About Lumin Skincare

Lumin was started by two Entrepreneurs, Richard and Darwish Gani, who wanted to uncomplicate men’s skincare routines by allowing the visitors that visit their website to fill out questions and based on the answers, the Algorithm will smartly recommend products to address the particular skincare needs of an individual.

Lumin is based in Los Angeles but ships its products from Europe. They ship their products expressly which reach the customer very quickly and all shipments are given a tracking code that allows the buyer to track their purchase.

If you try Lumin products and like them, you can save money by opting for their subscription service which allows you to set the frequency of how much and how often you want to receive their products.

Now coming to the presentation, when you order their products, the products come neatly presented in a box that has specific places for the black tubs and the cover of the box is magnetic which is very premium and gives the person opening the packaging a nice experience.

As soon as you open the box, you will find information such as how and when to use their products. 

The products that Lumin sells smell amazing and are of premium quality. This allows them to be extremely effective at addressing different types of skin care needs such as dryness and acne, just to name a few.

How do I know this? I have been using Lumin products since 2019 and can attest to their products working to remove acne and keep my skin nice and hydrated.

Not only does Lumin sell products for your face, but it also sells products for your hair and body. Below is the list of items that Lumin currently sells:


  • Charcoal Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Rub
  • Moistruising Balm
  • UV Defense Moisturising Balm
  • Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Dark Circle Eye Defense
  • Pore Strip
  • Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch
  • Eye Puff Deflator
  • Intensive Reconditioning Face Mask
  • Skin-Purifying Toner
  • Face Scrubber
  • After Hours Recovery Oil

Hair and Body

  • Advanced Keratin Fortifying Conditioner
  • Advanced Keratin Recovery Shampoo
  • Advanced Scalp Treatment
  • Advanced Clarifying Body Wash
  • Charcoal Soap Bar

As you can see, Lumin is a brand that has you covered from head to toes. If you have a problem that is extremely rare, you can drop them an email and they are always available to help.

If you think skincare is difficult, then think again, Lumin skincare will surprise you and make taking care of your skin a joy.

If you are interested and would like to check Lumin out, click here to go to their website where they have a promotion which gives the buyer a free After Hours Recovery Oil which is an important product if you would like an extra boost of hydration after a long day at work or the gym and need to look your best. The promotion will be applied automatically for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lumin actually good?

Lumin is a brand that sells products of premium quality that are very good at clearing skin with issues such as dullness and dry skin. As they are a well-renowned company, you will find reviews of people that sing praises.

Lumin is effective because they sell products with ingredients that are natural and easy to come by in the perfect amount. For example, Charcoal is an ingredient that has been used for centuries by people who want to rid their skin of contaminants which is why they use that in their Charcoal Cleanser.

Lumin uses ingredients such as Charcoal, Ginger Extract, Meadowfoam Seed Oil along with other natural ingredients. These ingredients help people with ageing skin and also protect the skin from UV damage.

Is Lumin a subscription?

People who would like to buy more products and would like to save money as well can subscribe to Lumin`s products. Lumin offers complete flexibility to buyers such as setting the frequency and setting the number of products that they would like to receive.

Lumin has sets such as Classic Maintenance, Age Management and Correction trio that have individual products sold with individual sets but if you think that that’s not for you then you can make your own sets and have them shipped directly to your door.

Does Lumin help with acne scars?

Lumin has products that contain ingredients for all types of skincare concerns such as acne scars. The best products to help deal with acne scars is the Moisturising Balm and the Intensive Reconditioning Face Mask.

The ingredients that these products contain help minimise acne scars along with reducing dark circles, signs of ageing and clogged pores. They do this by creating a protective barrier over the skin allowing the skin to heal whilst being protected by environmental elements.

These products are also quick-absorbing and they do not clog the pores which allow them to reduce the production of pimples thus minimising acne scars from new pimples or blackheads etc.


Lumin is a skincare brand that makes skincare extremely easy for men while being affordable and offering discounts and freebies to subscription users.

Overall, Lumin is the kind of company that entices loyalty in people and always have them coming back to buy more. They deserve a look and a space in your skincare routine, you won’t be disappointed. 

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