Is The Beard Club Black-Owned Or Not?

The Beard Club is a private owned grooming company for men that was founded in 2015. The company provides grooming and bearding products made from organic products. 

The question of whether The Beard Club is black-owned or not has come up a few times over the past year. 

A minority group does not own the Beard Club. The beard club is a company from California, USA, founded by Alex Brown, Christopher Stoikos and Mike D’Agostini and was previously known as Dollar Beard Club before it rebranded to reach the international market. 

Men can access the grooming products by subscribing to a beard and grooming box online. 

In due course, I will publish a list of black-owned skincare brands just to make sure you know about some other companies out there who are in fact black-owned and offer comparable beard care products! 

The Beard Club offers beard grooming kits which include oils and waxes, brushes, combs and more. They also sell beard balm and soap for your face. If you’re looking for something similar but from a company with an African American ownership background, then my next top picks of Black-Owned Grooming Companies (BOGC) that sells everything from beard oil to mustache wax at affordable prices will help you.

The three beard aficionados have rallied other men to celebrate and promote a healthy bearded lifestyle through care and maintenance by using natural products. To get access to these products, men must subscribe to their club membership. While their product range started with just oil, their monthly subscriptions to beard and grooming products have so far grown to include beard gel, male gel, shampoo, growth vitamins, beard balm, and oil. These products are delivered to customer doorsteps.

The beard and grooming company was started after an online frenzy that turned the first Beard Club advertisement video viral online leading to millions of sales and since then the company has been growing its sales and online following. 

With over 1.6 million packages shipped to customers just after a few years of launching their products, Alex Brown, one of the co-owners, has attributed the American-owned company’s growth to their humorous online videos. 

The online store has over 1.2 million followers on Facebook and had 21,000 subscriptions in just their first month of operation.

The Beard Club started by offering monthly subscriptions to its beard oil at a fee of $1 per month as a counter offer strategy against Dollar Shave Club which up-to-date is Beard Club’s strongest rival. 

Their first product remains the best selling on their product range Beard Oil. The Beard Club has specialized kits containing the signature oil, body wash, shampoos, scissors, combs, and other accessories that are added as free gifts to a box depending on the type of box you have subscribed to.

With ‘Don’t Grow it Alone’ as their motto, Beard Club has made it its mission to assist men in growing and looking their best with a well-nurtured beard at an affordable price with its three kits for growth, trimming and grooming.

 Beard Club also offers other high quality grooming products designed for men. The US owned company also includes membership to its customers offering loyalty rewards that include cash back and discounts from redeemed points apart from their range of natural beard products. 

With a dedicated website and club offerings, The Beard Club continues to grow. Bear Club website also hosts club support that offers advice on care routines and a guide on what products to use.  

Their product range also includes The Island and Americana T-Shirt, Geronimo sweatshirt, and a TSNS Snapback while their dedicated beard products come in specialised kits for different beard stages. The first kit is the beard growth kit with a starter, advanced and ultimate kit. The Growth Starter Kit comes with a the bottle of Beard Growth Vitamins, Growth Oil and a free pearwood beard comb for first time orders. The Growth Vitamins are fully packed with over 20 vitamins while the Growth Oil bottle is a mixture of healthy oils that stimulate growth for facial hair. 

The second Growth Kit, the Advanced Kit arrives with Beard Growth Vitamins, Growth Oil and adds to the list Beard Shampoo and Growth Vitamin Spray another free pearwood beard comb, free sandalwood moustache comb and a beard brush. The Growth Vitamin Spray bottle is a blend of Lavender, Biotin, Peppermint, and other oils that offer hydration and the right smell the whole day.

The Ultimate Growth Kit is the last growth kit that adds a beard and hair trimmer, a free amoora wood folding comb and free travelling bag to the other accessories in the Advanced Kit. The PT45 Trimmer for body, beard, and hair has an adjustable handle for different lengths and a rechargeable battery that runs for 3 hours. It also belongs to the trimming kits that Beard Club offers and comes with a year’s warranty and safe lock if you have kids around the house or are travelling. 

The second specialised kit is the Trimming Kit that has a Starter, Deluxe, and Premium kit with Beard Club’s signature products and the PT45 Trimmer. Customers also get Cedar Beard Balm depending on the package they have subscribed to. Cedar Beard Balm is described as Bear Club’s silky conditioning balm that works well on face bristles and can give a healthy and strength boost to any beard. If you have facial hair that is unruly or hard to tame, the Beard Balm offers an effective solution. 

The PT45 Trimmer Starter Kit includes the PT45 which can be used to trim other body hair apart from your beard, Sandalwood Beard Balm that not only keeps the beard strong but also smells great, free Sandalwood Oil for conditioning and hydration, Beard Shampoo, free Growth Vitamin Spray and free Beard Cream to take care of itchiness and dry skin. For dandruff free bread and moisture, the Beard Shampoo is the perfect addition to this kit. 

The PT45 Trimmer Deluxe kit has the same natural products in the Starter Kit but also includes a free Straight Edge Razor that offers every man control through perfect balance with 10 stainless steel razors, Growth Oil made from Castrol and Coconut oil plus other oil blend and free Birchwood Beard Blush with boar bristles. 

Another trimming kit, the PT45 Trimmer Kit tops up the accessories by adding a travel bag, Moustache comb for beard tangles, and a folding comb that men can carry anywhere. Beard Club products cater for all beard stages with its wide range of products and packages to subscribe to at a starting fee of $1 per month. 

Beard Club also has the Grooming Kit with a starter beard care and deluxe kit that comes with scented oils and balms. The Starter Beard Care Kit comes with the Beard Shampoo, free 10 stainless steel blades, Cedar Beard Oil made from Cedar Wood oil and blended with Almond oil, Boar Bristle Brush, a free Straight Edge Razor and free black leather Razor case plus Cedar Beard Balm perfect for itchy sports and a softer feel. 

The Deluxe Beard Glooming Kit adds Beard Cream, Beard Shampoo, Body Wash made with Rosemary, Coconut and Cedarwood, Beard Scissors made with a silicone finger grip perfect for reaching nostril hair, Sandalwood Beard Oil for a soft and silky feel, Sandalwood Beard Balm for all lengths of beards and styles, Boar Bristel Beard Brush, Folding Beard Comb, Beard Club Travel Bag and Straight-Edge Razor to its subscription box. 

The men behind the company are often referred to as serial entrepreneurs. Take Christopher Stoikos for example, he has started and run several companies before selling them off. He once had an electronic store which he sold off before he started a restaurant which he also later sold. When he and his friend’s co started Beard Club they managed to get $10.5 million sales from the company in its first year. Christopher is also the owner of Coolbox since 2016 and is also the man behind Unconscious Content a media and events company that focuses on marketing the co-founder of Emotional Click started in 2020. 

Mike D’Agostini, one of the co-founders of the American owned company is a also the co-founder of Coolbox and co-founder of Project Copilot a company that works on bringing business or company ideas to life until they are successfully launched. 

Alex Brown is also a serial entrepreneur focusing on helping young people become successful entrepreneurs through his advisor and mentorship roles. His other businesses include, Adbank.Network an advertising platform online that takes away the middle men and deals with the problem of advertising fraud, Ecommerce Rockstars, an ecommerce company offering acceleration services to ecommerce companies, he is also the co-founder of Unconscious Content a media and consulting company focussing on marketing and production of viral videos.  

Beard Club is an American company that was co-founded by Alex Brown, Christopher Stoikos who grew up in Toronto, and Mike D’Agostini in 2015 and offers natural beard care products and grooming accessories to men on subscription. The subscription grooming box company for men started with the friends while they were crowd funding for a different campaign. When they realised that a lot of the men they were working with were growing different styles and lengths of beards, they saw an opportunity to grow a special community focusing on that lifestyle and create special natural products to help with the process of growing and maintaining a healthy beard. 

With their first video gaining over 18 million views on YouTube and Facebook, Bear Club still believes in the power of the internet and marketing videos. According to the companies mission when men join ‘the club’ they become part of a community with aim promote ‘great beards.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Threading instead of shaving?

Threading is an ancient procedure used mostly by females to remove unwanted hair on the face. Threading can also be an appealing option for males as Threading removes the hair from the root rather than cutting it leveling to the skin, therefore, delaying the rate at which the hair grows. Threading also is extremely beneficial as along with the hair, it also removes black and whiteheads. This results in the skin looking a lot smoother and clearer.

Shaving, Threading, and Waxing, Which one should I use and why?

Shaving is different compared to waxing and threading. Shaving does not remove the hair from the root, whereas waxing and threading remove the root’s hair. Between waxing and threading, threading gets an extra point as waxing pulls the skin that stretches and makes the skin loose over time. Threading is also free from chemicals as it is just a stand of thread whereas, waxing may contain chemicals that could irritate the skin. Comparing the three, threading is the safest and overall better option to be used in hair removal.

What is the best way to remove blackheads?

Blackheads are a form of acne that are mostly formed on the face; nose, cheeks and forehead. They are small bumps that are formed when the hair follicles are clogged and are dark in colour. The best way to remove blackheads is to have a good skin care routine. There are procedures that you can use such as squeezing and blackhead removal peel-off masks. These procedures are not recommended by dermatologists as they can cause scarring of the skin by pushing the inflammation deeper into the skin.

There are still some procedures you can use that will not damage your money-maker. Procedures such as steaming, facials and using products that contain salicylic acid, retinoids, azelaic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These are products that are only available by prescription and are applied directly to the skin. If they are affecting your confidence and you want more information, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist as they pinpoint the exact cause of blackheads and which treatment will work best for you.

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