Is Morphe Cruelty-Free?

Cosmetics manufacturer Morphe is well-known for producing a variety of goods, including brush sets, eye makeup palettes, powders, and other similar items.

If you are contemplating buying Morphe Products, one question that you may have is whether or not this brand is animal cruelty-free. Continue reading to find out whether Morphe is cruelty-free.

Generally, the Morphe brand is considered to be in the grey region. This is because the brand claims to be cruelty-free but it does not have any certifications from organisations such as Leaping Bunny or PETA to back up this claim.

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According to Morphe, none of their items are available for purchase in China. This may be accurate; but, without the certification, there is no proof to support this statement.

Therefore, it is your choice to decide whether or not you want to continue supporting them, although their cruelty-free designation might become much more stringent in the future.

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When it comes to being cruelty-free, merely declaring that you are doesn’t cut it; a brand must demonstrate its commitment to the cause. A certification from PETA or the Leaping Bunny adds a significant amount of credibility.

The reason for this is that there are several aspects of cruelty-free certification that a company must demonstrate to demonstrate that they do not test on animals.

It is not just about avoiding experimenting on animals, but also about utilizing suppliers who do not test on animals and refraining from contracting others to do so on your behalf.

About Morphe

Morphe is a make-up firm based in Los Angeles that provides wonderful beauty goods at a reasonable price. Morphe has a variety of products to choose from. It was established in 2008 and quickly gained popularity because of the high pigmentation of its products and the low rates it offers.

Morphe became a major success because of the efforts of makeup artists and social influencers who collaborated on large projects. Jaclyn Hill, the well-known American online celebrity and entrepreneur, teamed up with Morphe to create a fantastic line of beauty products, which began with the Morphe Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palettes, which have now become a worldwide hit.

Morphe has now incorporated everything, from the highly pigmented eye and lip products to a whole line of face cosmetic products. It was also expanded to include skin-care products that were useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Morphe products available for purchase in China?

Morphe provides items that are available for purchase in Chinese retail establishments. They say that they can avoid any pre-market animal testing that could otherwise be needed by the FDA.

It is feasible that Morphe will be able to skip animal testing before going to market. Unfortunately, this does not exclude the possibility of animal testing once the product has been released.

Does Morphe test on animals when obligated to do so by law? 

Morphe products are manufactured in china. To be clear, manufacturing in China does not affect the product’s cruelty-free designation. However, Morphe is submitting its goods to animal testing, which is mandated by law, by selling them in shops in the People’s Republic of China.

Is Morphe a member of the PETA Organization?

No, Morphe does not meet PETA’s criteria for being cruelty-free. They do not have any animal welfare-friendly certifications.

Certifications are difficult to rely on, which is why they are difficult to trust. It is not enough to just state that they do not test on animals, concrete evidence is required.

Is Morphe a vegan brand?

No, Morphe is not a vegan-friendly company. However, it does offer certain vegan items that do not include any ingredients originating from animals.

The Morphe UK website has developed a special vegan range to provide make-up products that are suitable for vegans. However, because of a lack of advertising, their vegan goods are not well-known to the general public.

However, there are several vegan choices available, and because Morphe does not conduct animal testing, all of the products are cruelty-free.

Is Morphe natural?

Morphe does not claim that its brand is natural which means that its products are not organic or obtained from natural ingredients.

The main focus of Morphe is that it creates products to help an individual keep up with their favourite celebrities and the latest fashion trends regardless of its classification as vegan, cruelty-free or ethical.

Is Morphe an ethical brand?

As Morphe has no certifications from organisations such as PETA, it cannot be claimed as being ethical, however, they do meet the requirement for being an ethical brand which is that it must follow the moral values and principles and they do follow those requirements. The only point that causes Morphe not to have a certification is that they sell and manufacture their products in China.

Are Morphe lipsticks vegan?

Any products manufactured by Morphe such as its Lipsticks are not vegan even though they may seem to be at first but until it has a certification such as one from PETA, it cannot be claimed as being vegan. Also, some of its products contain ingredients derived from animals such as Beeswax and Honey while some of its products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals. You may want to look elsewhere.


Morphe is a brand that has gone a long way since its inception. In terms of animal testing, the brand falls in the grey region. The brand claims not to test its goods on animals but no certifications can back up their claim, even though they are not yet a 100% vegan company, they do offer a complete range of items specifically designed for vegans. 

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