Is Lancome cruelty-free?

Lancôme is a cosmetics company owned by L’Oreal that specializes in the production of several cosmetic products such as perfumes, creams, lotions, serums, and more. It is also a cosmetics company that manufactures a variety of items all around the world.

But, is this brand cruelty-free?

In general, Lancôme is a brand that is not cruelty-free. Animals are used in the testing of this company’s goods. The corporation is responsible for paying for animal testing of its goods.

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Furthermore, even when the law mandates it, Lancôme tests its products on animals to ensure that they are effective.

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IT Cosmetics

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Another brand that appears on the list with Lancôme is Pantene. The brand is not cruelty-free and tests its products on animals. You can learn more about Pantene by clicking here.

They also sell their items in stores in China, where the legislation demands that all brands have their products tested on animals before they can be sold.

According to the company’s website, animal testing on their goods is not routinely performed on their products. However, where mandated by law, companies conduct animal testing themselves or contract with other parties to do it on their behalf.

As a result, it may be concluded that the brand is not cruelty-free.

Barbasol is a cruelty-free brand that produces high-quality shaving creams and does not test its products on animals. You can learn more about the brand by clicking here.

About Lancome

Lancome is a brand that has been in the cosmetics industry for a long time, more specifically for more than eighty years now. It sells a variety of items ranging from skincare to perfumes and various cosmetics and toiletries.

Since then, the firm has continued to flourish and has expanded into the manufacturing of a variety of products, including anti-ageing creams, eye creams, serums, and so many more.

L’oreal owns Lancome, which is a cosmetics company. L’Oreal, like Lancome, does not practice cruelty-free manufacturing. It also conducts animal research on its products, as well as the ingredients that are included inside those products.

The brand is not considered vegan by the general public. This is because some of its goods are manufactured using substances taken from the animals. Non-vegan components included in Lancome products include beeswax, squalene, lanolin, and a variety of other substances such as Lanolin.

It should be noted that the brand is not organic, and it has made no claims to the effect that it is a natural or organic brand. The goods under consideration may include parabens as well.

The parabens included in Lancome cosmetics assist to extend the shelf life of the items. Furthermore, this brand does not include gluten and, as a result, is not suited for persons who are gluten intolerant. It is, on the other hand, devoid of phthalates.

Top-selling Lancome Products

Because Lancome provides a large number of skincare products that may be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, many people are curious about which of their items are the top sellers. Some of the most well-known Lancome products are as follows:

Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Serum. This serum contains chemicals that aid in the slowing of the ageing process on the skin’s surface.

The product is suitable for all skin types and guarantees that your skin is maintained moisturized and smooth at all times with regular use. Furthermore, it softens the skin and imparts a luminous shine to the complexion.

Bi-Facial Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. This is a lotion that aids in the removal of makeup from the skin’s surface. It is composed of two phases: lipid and water.

When you use the former, it helps to remove the makeup from your face. The water, on the other hand, contributes to keeping your skin clean and fresh all day long.

It effectively eliminates all traces of makeup off the skin while also removing any remaining makeup remnants. The toning lotion is also effective on waterproof makeup.

Tonique Comfort Rehydrating Comforting Toner. This is a product that has both calming and hydrating properties. The toner aids in the gentle purification of the skin while also keeping it moisturized.

In addition to being suitable for all skin types, it performs particularly effectively on dry and sensitive skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Lancome products are vegan?

Lancome is a company that prides itself in creating high-quality products that are effective and easy to use.

If you are a conscious individual that cares if the products they use are vegan or not, then you may be disappointed to find that Lancome is not vegan-friendly as of right now.

Most of the products that Lancome creates are formulated with ingredients that are derived from animals such as Lanolin, Carmine, Beeswax, Squalene and animal hair.

Lancome recognises this and is trying to become a company that will appeal to the vegan group of people.

Is Lancome eco-friendly?

As Lancome sources its ingredients from animals, some of the processes are done in an eco-friendly manner however, some of the processes are not which means that it cannot be said for certain whether the company is eco-friendly or not.

The company is trying to become eco-friendly and claims that by the year 2030, all of the processes and ingredients will be ethically sourced, socially responsible and in a sustainable manner.

Is Lancome good for sensitive skin?

Since Lancome is associated with L`Oreal, you can expect that the products that Lancome creates will be suitable for everyone regardless of their skin type.

For people with sensitive skin, Lancome uses ingredients that are soothing and calming to the skin. It uses ingredients such as Rose extracts, essential oils and other premium quality ingredients that are gentle and suitable to be used on sensitive skin every day.


Lancôme is not a cruelty-free cosmetics company. When the law demands it, this corporation allows its goods to be tested on animals regularly. It also offers its goods in China, where the use of animals is prohibited by law. The brand is not deemed to be cruelty-free as a result of this fact.

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