Is John Frieda Cruelty-Free?

John Frieda is one of the most well-known hair care companies, with a particular emphasis on healing damaged hair. The company manufactures excellent and high-quality hair products. Is this brand, on the other hand, cruelty-free?

The brand is not cruelty-free as it sells its products in China where animal testing is permitted by Law and they allow third parties to carry out animal testing on their behalf.

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About John Freida

It’s no surprise that renowned hairdresser John Freida developed the well-known hair care company, which is named after him.

John Freida has been in business for more than 30 years, catering to a variety of hair types with hair care products including hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners, and many more. 

Specifically, the brand is well-known for its work in changing and mending damaged hair. The firm employs wonderful substances in the goods to guarantee that hair is effectively restored.

John Frieda Cruelty-Free Policy

The brand insists in its statement that it does not do animal experimentation on any of its products. However, it continues to sell its products in countries that require imported items to be tested on animals.

An example is China, John Frieda sells its products in China, a country that requires to have the goods tested before they are sold in their shops. Sometimes, post-market animal testing is required in cases where there are some complaints about the products from customers. 

The fact that a company has stated that it does not conduct animal testing does not mean that the issue is resolved. John Frieda professes to be cruelty-free, although the company does allow third parties to do animal testing if this is authorized by the applicable laws.

In countries where its items are exposed to animal testing for quality assurance, it earns money through the sale of its products in the marketplace.

In order for a brand to be labelled as cruelty-free, it must adhere to the standards outlined below.

  • Before releasing any of its finished goods onto the market, the company must ensure that none of them have been tested on animals.
  • Animals shall not be used in the testing of the components that are used in the goods under consideration.
  • Furthermore, the brand must keep track of its suppliers to determine whether or not they are subjecting the products to animal testing.
  • In any case, even if the law requires it, the brand should never engage the services of another company to conduct the tests on their behalf.
  • Any of the products must never be sold or distributed in countries where animal testing is required by the law. Take, for instance, China.

The John Frieda brand, on the other hand, has not made any remarks about whether or not it would reject any of the suppliers that use animal testing.

Even though they do business in China. It has also not supplied any information on whether it keeps track of the fact that its suppliers do not provide the items in China, where they may be exposed to animal testing before marketing and even after marketing, or if it does not.

Consequently, as a consequence of all of the factors listed above, the brand does not qualify as completely cruelty-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are John Frieda hair products vegan?

John Frieda products are not classed as vegan as they contain animal products such as Lanolin. Even if John Frieda states that a particular product is vegan, that may not be true as the company is not classed as cruelty-free and that automatically means that the product is not vegan.

Does John Frieda sell in China?

John Frieda manufactures their products in China and it also sells its products in China. It complies with the law in China which states that animal testing is to be carried out before a company can sell their products. This reason causes them not to be cruelty-free.

Are John Frieda products paraben-free?

Even though John Frieda is not a cruelty-free brand, they do claim that their formulation does not contain any parabens or sulphates or any harmful ingredients. They make sure that they use premium and high-quality ingredients for the formulation of their products.

According to their website, they also claim that they have their products tested to find any traces of harmful ingredients that is sent to them by their suppliers which shows that John Frieda is a conscious brand that makes sure it uses ingredients to be effective along with being safe.


No, John Frieda does not use animal byproducts in its products. Even though they profess not to test on animals, their sales actions do not correspond to their words in any way.

They also mention that they will conduct testing when a legal need necessitates it. In other words, the fact that the brand is not totally cruelty-free is shown right there.

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