Is IT Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

IT Cosmetics is one of the most well-known cosmetics companies in the world, producing high-quality goods. For those who use this particular brand. One of the most often asked questions is whether or not the brand is cruelty-free. Is IT Cosmetics cruelty-free?

In general, IT Cosmetics is a brand that is 100% cruelty-free. This has also been noted on the brand’s website. This means that it does not test its products or any ingredients on the animals. Furthermore, the brand has PETA certification as a cruelty-free brand.

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IT Cosmetics does not utilize any ingredients that are associated with animals in its products. For example, they do not use animal hair in the manufacturing of their brushes.

Brands that are also cruelty-free and do not test their products on animals are:



You can learn more about the brands by clicking on the name.

IT Cosmetics is not available for purchase in China. This is how they have been able to maintain their cruelty-free status and maintain their PETA accreditation. There is no brand offered in China that is certified by PETA.

Here are two brands that you should avoid if you are starting your cruelty-free journey, Lancome and Pantene. Both brands are not cruelty-free and test their products on animals. Click here to learn more about Lancome and click here for Pantene.

Another brand that you can check out is Lumin, the brand is cruelty-free and does not test its products on animals. You can learn more about the brand by clicking here.

If they do, they’ve made a blunder! As a point of reference, any products offered in retail locations in China must be subjected to third-party animal testing under Chinese legislation.

About IT cosmetics

in 2016, L’Oréal announced that it had bought IT Cosmetics. This indicates that the company is now under the control of a parent company that conducts animal testing. Although the business has recently become cruelty-free, the executive team at IT Cosmetics has stayed unchanged from the beginning.

The company does not market itself as a vegan company. As a consequence, all of the company’s goods are not vegan-friendly. In its products, the company makes use of a variety of substances.

Beeswax and Snail Filtrate are two examples of such ingredients. These ingredients are not vegan, hence making the brand not vegan.

The IT cosmetics brand is not a naturally derived cosmetic company. In addition, no claims have been made by the brand as a result of this.

All of its product compositions, on the other hand, are created to be gentle on the skin while still providing a wide range of skincare advantages to customers. They provide products that are devoid of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, among other ingredients.

Furthermore, the majority of the products produced byIT cosmetics are made in several countries, including the United States, South Korea, and even China. Even though the brand is mostly located in the United States, where its parent company, L’Oréal, is headquartered.

To be clear, none of the items offered by the brand are labeled as gluten-free. Most companies do this because, although the goods might not even contain gluten, it is necessary to account for the possibility of cross-contamination which can occur on common manufacturing equipment where the goods are created.

Many businesses do not guarantee that their products are gluten-free in the event there is residual contamination on the manufacturing equipment that they are unable to compensate for.

IT Cosmetics is included on PETA’s database of cruelty-free companies and products. Obtaining accreditation from organizations such as PETA or the Leaping Bunny is always beneficial for cruelty-free companies since it enables them to establish trust in the marketplace.

It takes much more than a company just declaring that it is cruelty-free to be considered cruelty-free.

In this regard, the third-party testing carried out in China is an example. Most businesses sell their products there and make the statement that they are still cruelty-free even though they are not conducting the testing.

However, any tests that are performed on behalf of the brand by any third party I still part of the brand’s Animal testing,

The brand does provide certain items that are non-comedogenic that may still be suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic implies that they will not clog your pores, therefore if you do have an acne-prone skin type, you might find them to be very beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use makeup made in China?

Makeup made in China does not mean that the product is bad or of low quality. Labour in China is cheap compared to countries in Europe and America which allow companies to produce products on a large scale.

If IT Cosmetic products have a Made in China label, this does not mean that their products are tested on animals and have harmful chemicals in them. IT Cosmetics is a conscious company that would’ve made sure that their products are being prepared at the highest level possible.

Where a makeup product is made does not really matter, it is the company that has outlines and guidelines about their product and how they want it to perform and be manufactured.

Are IT Cosmetics brushes cruelty-free?

IT Cosmetics is renowned for creating high-quality products and their brushes are no exception. IT Cosmetics make sure that their products are ethically sourced and are cruelty-free.

Their brushes are cruelty-free and pro-hygenic which means that their brushes are designed to promote health and prevent the spread of diseases. They achieve this by following cleanliness guidelines and using Sigmax Fibres.

Sigmax Fibres are designed by Sigmax Beauty and they are Thermoplastic Engineered Polymers that helps in the even distribution of makeup products that are in powder form. When brushed against the skin, the Sigmax Fibres feel nice and soft without damaging or rubbing against the skin.

Are IT Cosmetics products vegan?

IT Cosmetics is a company that has a strong stance on quality and creating products that suit the requirements of a wide variety of people.

This is why IT Cosmetics makes sure that their products are cruelty-free however, their products are not 100% vegan. This means that some of their products do contain some form of products that have been derived from animals such as Beeswax and Snail Filtrate.

This may be a deal-breaker for many but IT Cosmetics is a company that is constantly evolving and adding more and more products to its line-up. It may look like they don’t have any vegan products but they will have some in the near future. Be on the lookout!


IT Cosmetics has proven that it is completely free of animal by-products and hence the brand is 100% cruelty-free. There are no animal tests performed on finished goods or substances by the company or by its vendors or any other 3rd parties.

Additionally, they do not sell their goods in jurisdictions wherever animal testing is mandated by law for example in mainland China. 

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