Is Eucerine Cruelty Free?

For many years, Eucerine has been a household name in the world of skin-care products. They manufacture several products such as moisturizers and lotions.

The vast majority of their moisturizers are designed for persons who have dry and itchy skin. Is Eucerine, on the other hand, cruelty-free?

Eucerine is not cruelty-free. Animals are used in the testing of the company’s goods.

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Furthermore, the firm that owns Eucerine tests its goods, as well as the ingredients that are used to create such products, on animals whenever needed by law in countries such as China, according to the corporation.

Even though their company has said that they do not do animal testing and that there is no commissioned animal testing, they are still considered not to be cruelty-free because they have also said that they do animal experimentation only in exceptional circumstances, such as when the law compels it.

They have also said that certain of their cosmetic goods are available for purchase in select stores across the People’s Republic of China. The above are some of the reasons why Eucerine is not regarded to be a cruelty-free brand.

Furthermore, the company has not gotten any accreditation from groups like the Leaping Bunny or PETA, which confirm that a company is cruelty-free in its practices.

For the reason that Eucerine distributes its goods in China, where it has said that it conforms with local regulations and permits its products to be tested in animals as needed by law, it implies that Eucerine is not a cruelty-free brand since it does not meet the conditions for a brand to be declared cruelty-free. 

About Eucerine

The Eucerine brand is well-known for offering a large number of skincare items. Their primary focus is on the sale of skin care products such as body and face creams, lotions, and even sunscreen.

A leader in each and every significant skincare bracket, from skin discolouration to anti-ageing to acne and dry skin problems. Eucerin is a global brand with a presence in over 100 countries.

With more than a century of expertise, Eucerin is constantly at the vanguard of the most cutting-edge skincare products and technology available.

A year`s worth of study goes into their medical skincare technology, which means that every product has gone through a comprehensive testing procedure before it is released to the public and utilized by people. 

It collaborates with prominent dermatologists and pharmacists from across the globe to develop new and effective cosmetic products that they can trust and suggest to their patients and clients.

The company strongly believes in providing active components and calming formulations with high tolerance that serve to help you live your better lives each and every day.

The brand does not adhere to the cruelty-free brand standard, and also the parent corporation is likewise not a cruelty-free company. Because the brand does not practice cruelty-free manufacturing, it cannot be declared vegan.

Generally speaking, for a company to be designated as a vegan brand, no animal testing on any of their goods must be performed on their behalf. Furthermore, the products should not include any substances that are produced from animals or any animal by-products in any form.

Eucerine lotion, Eucerine Baby Lotion, and Advanced Repair Cream are just a few of the popular goods that they offer. They also provide body cleansers and sunscreen as well as other cosmetics.

Beiersdorf is the name of the parent firm that owns Eucerine, and it is this company that also undertakes animal testing. The firm that owns Eucerin, is known for doing animal testing.

It not cruelty-free since goods are marketed in mainland China are nevertheless subjected to testing on animals there. The company also owns other well-known companies including Nivea, Labello, Coppertone, and La Prairie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Eucerin products are vegan?

As Eucerin is a brand that does not have certifications from Leaping Bunny or PETA, they are not classed as cruelty-free and therefore, are not vegan.

Even though their formulations do contain some vegan ingredients, as they are sold in countries where animal testing is permitted by law, their products cannot be classed as vegan-friendly.

Is Eucerin Aquaphor cruelty-free?

Eucerin is a company that is not cruelty-free as they involve animals in the production of their products. This may involve sourcing ingredients from animals and testing the finished products on animals.

They may carry out testing either by themselves or their supplies may carry out the sourcing and testing. Eucerin could also pay to have testing done on its behalf.

Are Eucerin products safe?

Eucerin is a brand that involves Dermatologists in the formulation of each and every single one of their products. What does this mean for a user like you and me? We get products that are safe and effective at dealing with skin-related problems such as dryness and irritation.

This also takes the guesswork out of the user having to check whether a Eucerin product will work for their skin or not, Buyers of Eucerin products can be rest assured that the product they are looking to buy will work for their skin regardless of their skin type, skin texture and skin-colour.


Eucerine is a popular brand in the skincare world. However, since the brand tests its products on animals and their goods are offered in mainland China, wherein testing on animals is still permitted by law, Eucerin is not an animal cruelty-free company.

The regulations regarding normal post-market testing in China have improved, but businesses are still susceptible to testing on animals if they get an official complaint regarding their products. Pre-market testing regulations continue to be in effect. 

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