Is Dior Cruelty-Free?

Dior is a cosmetics brand that is well-known both within and outside the cosmetics business. There are several goods manufactured by the company, including cosmetics, hair care products, perfumes, and skincare products.

The stance of a company regarding animal experimentation is something that many customers want to be certain of before they begin utilizing their goods. So, is Dior a cruelty-free cosmetics company?

Dior is not a cruelty-free brand of hair and skincare products. The business conducts animal testing on its goods, and its products are available in mainland China, even though it does not have any certifications as a cruelty-free brand in the United States.

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PETA, on the other hand, lists it as a brand that does animal experimentation. Dior is not cruelty-free, according to PETA, since it is listed as a brand that does animal experimentation. 

Another brand that appears on the list with Dior is Origins. The brand is not cruelty-free and test its products on animals. You can click here to learn more about the brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dior products available in China?

Yes, Dior is available for purchase in China. The brand is not cruelty-free since it agrees to test on animals and also contributes to the costs of animal testing.

For the things to be sold in actual shops in Mainland China, they must pass the required testing. All cosmetic companies sold in physical storefronts in the country are still required to pay for and engage in post-marketing animal testing, according to the local authorities.

Dior is a well-established brand that has been in operation for many years. The brand does not adhere to any animal welfare or vegan principles.

Dior is one of the premium brands managed by LVMH, a French luxury goods conglomerate with headquarters in Paris. The cosmetics brand has opted to follow rules that are comparable to those of its parent firm to differentiate itself.

LVMH is not a cruelty-free company, and some type of animal experimentation is performed.

LVMH permits various brands in its portfolio to run underneath an array of diverse regulations, according to the company. Even after being bought by LVMH, the brand retained its practices and continued to test on animals when they were no longer in use. 

According to LVHM, as a multinational business that owns brands that are sold all over the globe, it is passionately committed to the elimination of animal experimentation.

The firm also claims that they have played a significant influence in the development of alternative tests that do not entail the use of animals in their research.

LVMH and its businesses now distribute their goods to clients via approved shops and via a variety of official sites. Distinct countries, on the other hand, have different testing criteria.

Is Dior certified as cruelty-free by the PETA?

Dior is not a member of the PETA organization. PETA does not certify the iconic fragrance and beauty company Dior because it experiments on animals and as a result, it is not certified.

Since its inception in 1947, the company has never been verified as cruelty-free by an independent organization.

The claims made by most companies on their sites may also be false and intended to cause confusion among the general population. When marketing their products, some companies utilize phrases like “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free.”

Several businesses also state that they do not support animal testing, which is a somewhat ambiguous statement to make.

Is Dior a vegan brand?

Dior is not a vegan brand, and therefore cannot be deemed such. This is due to the fact that the brand is not cruelty-free.

Furthermore, despite the fact that it sells certain items that are vegan-friendly, the company nevertheless sells some of its products that are not vegan-friendly and include specific substances that are derived from animal products.

This means that whenever you purchase things, you should ensure that you read through the ingredient list beforehand.

What does Dior do to animals?

Dior is a brand that is not cruelty-free which means that it involves animals in the manufacturing of its products. Dior sources some of its ingredients from animals and tests the finished products on animals.

These two processes are what cause Dior not to be cruelty-free and they also pay others to do testing on their behalf.

Does Dior use real animal skin?

Dior does use animal skin in its products not just for hair and skin care products but also in its clothing. They have a very low rating by the testing agencies on animal cruelty and what’s more, is that they have no formal statement or policy on animal welfare policy.

Most of the people that buy products by Dior are less bothered about what they do with animals but the people that are conscious about the brands that they buy from will be disappointed and will have to find another brand to buy from.

Is Dior perfumes cruelty-free?

All of Dior’s products are not cruelty-free as they involve animals in their manufacturing process.

Dior is one of the brands that know how to publicise and increase the sales of their products by employing incredibly beautiful women from Hollywood or Modelling to act in their advert that causes people to want to buy the products that the particular celebrity uses.

Even though the perfumes may be long-lasting or have a good scent, if you are conscious about the brand you shop from then you may want to look elsewhere.


Dior is a very popular company. Cosmetics, skincare, perfumes, and cosmetics goods including palettes, foundations, sunscreen, and so forth are all available from this brand. A large number of individuals are enthusiastic about the brand.

The sad reality is that this company is not cruelty-free and is well-known for testing its goods on animals.

Furthermore, this brand cannot be considered to be a vegan brand because of its animal cruelty policy, and the brand has some products that contain animal-derived components. 

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