How to use Beard Balm?(A Beginners Guide To Beard Balm Use 2023)

how to use beard care

Using a beard balm to condition, style, and straighten your beard can be challenging for a beginner. And that’s because few newbie beard enthusiasts know very little better ways how to use beard balm as a beginner. 

Typically, beard balm is used on dampened beards using lukewarm water. Follow with an asymmetrical gentle rub of a small amount of your best balm into your palm, then work it through your still-damp facial hair using a wooden beard comb and your fingertips to cover your beard evenly. 

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In my early beard-growing stages, I used my favorite beard balm as a deep-conditioning mask. Rubbing nicely scented beard balm through my facial hair helping me to easily tame craggy and unruly facial hairs by leaving the balm for three minutes before rinsing thoroughly using warm water.

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What Is Beard Balm?

It is very easy to use beard balm, just as it is easy to comb your hair. In this article, we will share the tips you can follow when using your beard balm. Like beard oils, beard balms moisturize and condition the beard hairs for a healthier and classy look while also preventing itchiness and dandruff. Just for a moment, take a look at the steps to follow when using your beard balm.

  1. Take out a small-sized amount
  2. Melt the product
  3. Apply to the skin
  4. Apply to the beard 

The process of applying beard balm can be as a simple process as it can; however, vital tips in applying it correctly if you’re a beginner and a little intimidated by the entire process can be handy. As we’ve mentioned in this article, we will explain to you with clarity how best you can use beard balm. 

Of course, we are going to assume that you have showered and applied a beard and face Wash before application. For best results, the beginning of the process must include hygiene. Your beard should be clean right in the hair as well as underneath the skin.

Take Out a Small-Sized Amount of Beard Balm

A pea-sized scoop of your best beard balm is placed on the middle of your palm Using your thumb or index finger. As some beard balms can be as solid as candle wax, use beard balm melting pads where you’re struggling to take out the product or scrape out the balm from the container. 

Where the balm is first put in a melting container, a rule of thumb would be to use 3 drops of Beard Oil placed into your palm and a finger-tip-sized dollop of the beard balm.

Melt the Product

Spread the balm on your palm by rubbing your hands together. The body temperature allows rubbing movements to melt the balm into your hands to make it applicable to the beard. Other beard balms are soft, so the process would be using the dropper on your beard balm.

For more effective distribution of the beard balm, I recommend that you use a beard brush to help with spreading the balm evenly and exfoliating your skin at the same time. 

Apply to the Skin

Targeting the hair follicles is also vital when applying beard balm oils. So, keep your fingers flat and start by applying the beard balm to the skin underneath your beard by gently rubbing the balm for a deep hydrating application when you press it in.

The process continues by simply rubbing your finger on the balm in a circular motion until you have a dollop on your fingertip. Depending on your beard length, make sure to work between your palm and fingers until the product feels warm and supple. Then apply it to the beard and style it into your desired shape. I use An expert tip is to use a beard comb to aid you in making sure your beard looks on point.

Apply to the beard hairs

Though the application of beard balm oils is not rocket science, starting from the bottom of your beard and working your way upwards to the sideburns is the best practice. After you have vigorously rubbed your hands in an upwards swiping motion finish off by using a wooden beard comb or brush to continue evenly distributing the product and removing any clumps that might have gotten stuck in between hairs.

You have now finished applying your beard balm and you are now free to enjoy the finished look. Frankly, you are now able to see the difference after you have followed the guidelines we have provided. It is now up to you to make it your daily routine for a perfect look or to let your beard curl just like it were before.

Benefits of Applying Beard Balm

The benefits of applying beard balms are endless. Firstly, you get to keep your beard healthy and look smart. Secondly, the beard texture becomes thick, which helps to control unruly hairs that oils can’t control.

Beard balm reduces dandruff by moisturizing the skin underneath the beard hair. It also prevents itchiness by keeping the beard moisturized all the time. Most, if not all, beard balms have a unique scent to make your beard’s grooming routine enjoyable.

Overall, the process of keeping your beard smart all the time is an advantage to your health; you no longer have to deal with beard bacterial infections that cause bumps, pimples, itching, and all other problems associated with keeping a beard.

Meanwhile, perhaps you are asking yourself the best time to apply your beard balm and probably the difference between beard balm and beard oil since the name beard oil has been mentioned in the article.

Applying beard balm is more effective after a shower because your facial hair is probably wet and soft, making it easier to spread over as well as smooth when styling the beard. 

Applying beard balm after a shower is also effective because your hair is completely clean, allowing the beard balm to perform its best without interference. 

You have now learned how to use beard balm and its importance, but you still have more questions about beard balm since it is new to you. Scroll down as we have listed some of the frequently asked questions by people who are interested in using beard balm.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using a beard balm to tame your beard, check out this guide by GentleHomme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Texture. The most significant difference between beard oil and beard balm is mainly texture. Beard balms are on the heavier side, while beard oils are lighter. There are also more beneficial ingredients and vital skin emollients in a beard balm than in beard oil.

 Beard balms are best suited for men with medium to long beards. Most, if not all beard balms, have greater results than oil, which makes it a perfect choice for you.

Can I apply beard balms after shaving?

It is not recommended to apply beard balm after shaving rather use beard oil, this is because it is a little harder to apply beard balm after shaving due to the thicker texture. 

How often should I use a beard balm?

Honestly, the choice is all up to you on the number of times you can apply your beard balm. But for the sake of consistency, it is important that you wear your beard balm every time you shower and feel itchy and uncomfortable. 

But mind you that it is also very important to apply beard balm on clean underneath and wet facial hair to enhance its softness. 

Meanwhile, as much as it is your choice to use beard balm the way you want, consider using the product once a day to keep your beard healthy and vibrant. 

If you’re not using it regularly, your beard can become dry, and this will result in beard itching and soreness, which is not so very good.

Can I use beard oil and beard balm at the same time?

You can use beard oil and beard balm at the same time, but they slightly have a negative effect on the skin when you use them together since it is more like exhausting the skin underneath the beard with too much oil. 

The other way around is to use beard oil after the morning shower and beard balm at night before sleeping.

If too much oil on your skin is of concern, an argument against using both at the same time can be made. After all, hair follicles under your beard are more susceptible where too much oil for the skin, is likely to trigger pore-clogging and beard acne breakouts. 

What is the best beard balm?

There is no best beard balm than the other, the difference is just a matter of personal preference in terms of scent and thickness, but they all perform the same role of keeping your beard looking different from those that are not using it. Meanwhile, other writers recommend the type of beard balm that many customers purchase.

However, it is very important to seek advice from your local barber or specialist who can recommend the kind of beard balm that is likely to suit your skin. 

The hair on your face is not the same as the hair on your head. It’s much coarser, plus the skin underneath is more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. That’s why facial hair requires a specialized grooming regimen. 

Beard Balms are very expensive, why is that?

Beard Balms have natural ingredients incorporated in them and natural ingredients are expensive to produce when compared to synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients will also have a longer shelf life when compared to synthetic ingredients. The cost will also depend on how easily the ingredients are to get hold of as ingredients that are hard to acquire increase the cost.

Beard Balms that are expensive, definitely show their effectiveness when they are used consistently over a period of 3-9 months depending upon your beard type.

Can I use just water to clean my beard?

Water will not affect the beard, it will just remove dirt and debris in the beard. You can use Beard Shampoo and Conditioner with two days in between. This routine, in my opinion, is perfect as it will give your beard a chance to get the natural oils back. These natural oils are extremely crucial for the health of your beard as they prevent your hair from drying and becoming brittle.

Can I use Coconut Oil on my beard?

Coconut Oil is extremely beneficial for your beard as it is rich in nutrients that make your beard healthy such as hydrating and protecting your beard thus improving the appearance of your beard. You can use it on its own or mixed with other ingredients in Beard Oils or Balms or create your own mixture of carrier oils and essential oils.


Using beard balm is one of the best ways of keeping your beard looking smart and free from bacterial infections, and it also helps in reducing itch and keeps you smelling nice all the time.

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