How To Straighten A Beard?

How to straighten beard

A short stubble beard or African American beard can be challenging to keep straightened all the time, but there are many ways you can apply to straighten your beard according to the type of facial hair texture that you have.

But first, let us start with the easiest and most common way used, just as it is advised to try to use the coolest ways possible. Meanwhile, perfect hair straightening involves some Dos and Don’ts.

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Before you go through many details, you have to follow simple and straightforward guidelines for a smooth, clean, and straight beard.

  1. Apply Sea Salt to Your Beard
  2. Use a Blow dryer on Medium Heat
  3. Use a Round Brush for Styling
  4. Work Styling Balm into Your Beard
  5. Use a Comb to Make Your Beard Symmetrical

We have beards like you do, as such, the following details bring us to an understanding of how you can improve your beard with a few tools, thereby making you save a lot of money. 

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Apply a Sea Salt Spray to Your Beard

When you have chosen to keep your beard straight, the first step to take is to use sea salt spray by applying it on your beard while it is a bit damp. Although the spray is commonly used in head hair, you can also use it on the beard to give it some sort of shape and texture.

While you’ve chosen to use sea salt spray, it is also very necessary to find the best quality sea salt spray. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (2019) suggests that it is important to use sea kelp because it improves skin barrier function and reduces signs of aging while preserving a healthy epidermis dermis and may also possibly prevent the visible signs of skin aging.

You are not done until you’ve found a sea salt spray that suits you. Once you’ve got it, do the needful by spraying it all over your beard, following a comb throughout your beard combing it more evenly.

Use a Blow Dryer on Medium Heat

A blow dryer is indeed likely to damage your hair, but the good news is that the statement is not completely true because there is a remedy to how you can avoid damaging your hair and that involves holding the blow dryer at least a footway to the head whilst you have kept it on medium heat.

Following Men’s Skin Care Tips According to Annals of Dermatology (2011), holding a hairdryer 15 cm away from the scalp result in less damage of hair follicle than air drying.

Meanwhile, to maximize its efficiency, move your blow dryer slowly to penetrate in between the spaces of hair to avoid damaging hair.

Use a Round Brush for Styling

To take the curl out of your beard, you will need a round brush that works hand in hand with the blow dryer, just like your right and left arm. The small round brush helps to reinforce the heat.

Once you’ve brushed and blow-dried your beard with high heat, it is now time for you to flip the blow dryer to a cold setting and comb with the round brush just like you did in the first place with the blow dryer whilst it was on high heat.

Work Styling Balm into Your Beard

Yes, you have heat-dried and cold-dried your beard and even combed it thoroughly, but that alone cannot keep your beard straight, smart, and clean just as you want it to be. The magic to it all is in picking a beard styling balm to welcome your favorite style into place.

Pick up your beard balm and make sure you apply it very well into your hair, and if you are one of a kind who uses some sort of oil before applying the beard balm. Please feel free to do so.

After you have applied the beard balm, work it out so nicely to feel any space of your beard completely. Don’t get worried about the oil and beard balm because these are two different products, and they are performing different functions. The oil is probably protecting your skin by making it look in its perfect form while the beard balm is specifically dealing with facial hair. In most cases, beard balm is used for styling.

Use a Comb to Make Your Beard Symmetrical

Congratulations to you because you are very close to finishing the last level of you mastering your beard into perfect art. The last step is making sure that you go through your beard with a tooth comb to make your beard symmetrical.

If you have a mustache, don’t make a mistake, shape it and smooth it out in a very smart way so that every part of your beard looks in order. Finally, you are done with all the steps from level one to level five. It is now time to go show off to the world that you can straighten your beard in a very simple and smart way.

I hope you are now able to appreciate the process that you’ve been directed but still, you might have questions that the steps didn’t explain. Despite having questions to do with beard balm, other questions that fall into people’s minds are not completely trusting a beard straightener. Below we have listed some of the frequently asked questions about beard balm.

  1. Do Beard Straighteners Work?
  2. Do Beard Straighteners Damage Your Beard?
  3. How Can I Use My Beard Straightener?

This section will focus on answering these questions that were hovering over your mind. You might have heard some other negative opinions on the same, but I hope that you have also heard that it is not true until you’ve proven it. 

Does A Beard Straightener Work?

A Beard straightener is exactly what you are looking for in as much as straightening your beard is a concern. They are fast, and work is done within a short period as if the straightening brush is related to your facial hair. Each hair is smoothly separated from the other for a tidy and well-groomed look for your beard. However, it is very important to use the straightener correctly to achieve its intended purpose.

Do Beard Straighteners Damage your Beard?

Keeping a full beard is not an easy job, just like a farmer plants his crops as seeds on the ground, waiting for harvest cannot be over-emphasized. In the same way, you would not be grateful if your facial hair is damaged. 

The good news is that you have to protect your beard against damage when using a beard straightener. To avoid any damage, you need to apply a heat protectant to shield your beard from heat.

Let me take you on a journey that will make you understand the secret of using a straightener without damaging your delicate beard.

Apply Heat Protectant

To protect your strands, you need to apply a heat protectant that shields the kind of temperature you are using. It is also very important that the heat protectant should indicate the amount of heat it can protect against.

Comb through Your Beard

Use a beard comb or brush to make your facial hair not mixed or intertwine. Make sure that there are no knots or any mixture of hair. The process will also help the heat protectant to spread evenly around your beard.

Grab Your Beard Straightener

Once you are done with step two, it’s now time to plug in your beard straightener until it heats up to the right temperature you want to use. Let the job begin by brushing your beard from the top, going down like you were combing it with a hairbrush. Run the beard brush until your beard is becoming even with a smooth surface and straight, leaving you with an elegant look.

Smooth on a Beard Cream

To create a refined and classier look, make sure you use the cream that suits the type of beard you have. You can always look from your local barber or nearest cosmetic shop for the exact cream that will help polish your beard. Avoid getting creams that contain harsh chemicals as these will lead to beard itch.

Take a small-sized cream to your fingertips and apply it over your facial hair in a downward motion. Make sure that you smooth over your hair following the shape of your straightened beard. At last, your beard is combed, shining, and straight for a decent presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of comb should I use for my Beard?

A wooden comb because plastic combs have tiny spikes on their teeth that when they are run through the beard, can damage the hair and cause tear and split-ends. A wooden comb is smooth and does not have spikes therefore can easily glide through the hair. Below are some Wooden Beard Combs that have been tried and tested by me on my beard and have evenly spread out the products that I apply to my beard. They are listed on Amazon with free delivery and a carrying pouch to protect your comb from dust and debris.

How often should I use heating tools on my beard?

Do not use heating tools every day on your beard! Use them once every 3 days or once a week. Using them every day will damage the hair follicles as they are going to become deprived of the natural oils that are released from the skin.

Why should I use both hot and cold settings on the blow dryer?

The hot/warm setting will open up the hair follicle and allow the hair to be placed in any direction whilst the cold setting will close the hair follicle and lock it in the position that you have desired.


The decision to start keeping a beard requires patience and discipline. People will talk about a lot of methods, but the best way is to understand the type of facial hair you have, the right type of straightener, and the amount of heat you need to use.

Do not make the mistake of running a beard brush without a beard protectant because it helps to shield the underneath of your facial hair. Lastly, it is very important to use the right cream. 

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