How to grow a Fu Manchu Mustache? (A Detail Guide)

Growing a Fu Manchu mustache is not for everyone, but with hard work and dedication, sooner than you think you will be showing off a full-blown Fu Manchu goatee. It’s a stylish, daring, and unique type of mustache to wear.  No wonder it takes time, patience, and dedication to growing one of these iconic mustaches.

After growing my own beard using these tips, I feel like now is the best time to share what I have learned so that your beard can look as good as mine does!


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To grow a Fu Manchu mustache, you will need to begin with the growing part, nurturing it, and then begin to style it with some of the best beard wax so that you can begin to shape your mustache into the Iconic Fu Manchu. 

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So, if you are going to grow this goatee mustache, there are no shortcuts as the whole procedure requires time and effort from you. Hair grows only about one and a half-inch per month, meaning it takes time and will require patience from you.

Why Grow a Fu Manchu Mustache? 

The Fu Manchu mustache makes you look tough and rough. The look is mainly popular and well-loved by Asian men and can as well be sported in different ways and styles.

Growing A Fu Manchu Mustache Step By Step

This guide will show you exactly what it takes to grow a Fu Manchu Mustache. It’s not as simple as just growing some facial hair, there are important steps that need to be taken before the first whiskers sprout from your face.


If done correctly, your Fu Manchu Mustache can make you look distinguished and stylish in no time at all! Below we have listed the important steps to follow when growing a Fu Manchu mustache.

  1. In the first step, you will first need to grow a full beard, this is to help you not have a weird look when the mustache starts to grow. As the beard continues to grow healthy and full, you can then groom the mustache. The hairs on the end of the mustache will look thin and not impressive at all, but you will need to be patient and wait for it to grow fully.
  2. After the beard has grown healthy and full, you can then start shaping it into a Fu Manchu mustache. You should use beard trimmers to remove the rest of the hairs that are not required but do not trim your mustache part.
  3. In the third step, you’re supposed to use a regular razor and a shaving gel to shave your face clean, removing all the unnecessary hairs in the way of achieving your perfect Fu Manchu mustache but still be careful not to shave the hairs you need. Apply the shaving gel to the particular areas that need shaving. 
  4. After that, you should style and maintain your Fu Manchu mustache, and then you’re good to go. You have successfully achieved a Fu Manchu mustache that hangs down properly without being interrupted by beard hairs.

EzoicHow long will it take for you to grow a Fu Manchu mustache?

Growing a Fu Manchu mustache will require time, therefore you need to be patient for months in order to have the perfect Fu Manchu mustache. However, the growing time varies from person to person because some individuals have facial hairs that grow faster than others. Generally, the entire process will take about four to six months for you to achieve your desired mustache.

Using essential oils and beard balms can help speed up the process of growing the mustache. The oils and balms are important because they also help keep your beard healthy, and this helps it to grow fully and strong.


How do you style a Fu Manchu mustache?

A Fu Manchu mustache is ideal for individuals who want to look rough and tough, therefore you should remember the following pointers when styling the mustache:

  • You must grow whiskers on your upper lip, and make sure you continue growing the whiskers downwards on each side until they reach the chin area or lower than that.
  • You’re then supposed to shave all the hairs growing past the corner of your mouth, this is for keeping the mustache thin.
  • Use wax to part the mustache and point both ends of the mustache downwards.
  • You can then style the ends by allowing them to remain the way they are or braiding them, etc.

How do you trim a Fu Manchu mustache?

Styling your Fu Manchu mustache requires commitment, you should always maintain it and not let it be after you’ve achieved the exact look you wanted. When left unmaintained, your Fu Machu mustache will be grown out and give you a different look. Trimming your mustache regularly can help prevent such issues. The following tips will help you trim your mustache in the best way possible:

  • Use a trimmer to trim all the hairs that are not part of your Fu Manchu mustache. Trimming two times a week is best.
  • Use the trimmer only when the hairs on the top corner of the lips and those running along the sides of the mouth are visible to you.
  • If the mustache grows too long then your desired length, you can use scissors to cut the hairs at the edges and get it to your desired length.
  • Use the scissors to maintain the length of your Fu Manchu mustache once or twice a month.

How to get Fu Manchu with a beard look?

The classic Fu Manchu beard needs you to have hair only on the top corner of your upper lip, moving downwards on both sides of the mouth. The style can be combined with a beard to make it more classic. Therefore, with this style, you need to allow the hair on your chin and jaw to grow out instead of trimming it off. Always make sure you use essential oils and beard balms to keep the beard healthy, also trim regularly in order to keep the hair growing properly. You should keep the beard short because longer beards cover the mustache and in the end, it will not look like the Fu Manchu hairstyle.

How to get Fu Manchu with a goatee look?

A Fu Manchu mustache combined with a goatee looks great. To achieve it you simply need to follow the process of growing a mustache as mentioned above and then combine it with a bit of hair growing on the chin. This look is excellent for individuals who feel like their chin is either too broad or a little displaced. The goatee style helps keen people’s attention on the Fu Manchu mustache rather than on the chin.

Top 10 different Fu Manchu Styles

There are several Fu Machu styles you can try out. Below we have listed 10 of them and hopefully, they will help you decide which one would look best on you:

  1. Classic Fu Manchu style

This is the original Fu Manchu style, it’s simple as the mustache just hangs from the sides of the mouth. It’s easy to make and will not require much equipment to achieve it.

  1. Braided in the middle style

This style is mostly seen in Mexican movies but is it also very common and popular among men. When you have the beard on the chin along with the Fu Manchu mustache, to achieve this style you can simply braid the beard.

  1. Thin and short styleEzoic

This style is more suitable for men with round faces. The Fu Manchu mustache will not cover the chin area and the partition is pretty long.

  1. In between horseshoe

People confuse this style with the horseshoe mustache since it’s similar and confusing. This style is in-between the two types of mustaches and a better option for when you can’t decide which style you want to have between the horseshoe and the Fu Manchu mustache.

  1. Waxed sideways style

Are you a mustache enthusiast? If yes, then this style is definitely for you. Use the wax to part the mustache sideways and also to guide the mustache upwards.

  1. Hung freely styleEzoic

This Fu Manchu mustache hung freely is the real deal, the mustache hangs freely from the corner of the lips and will give you that tough look you want. It is easy to achieve as you only need to let the Fu Manchu mustache grow longer and trim it regularly.

  1. Twisted style

EzoicThis is another style that is often seen in movies, the twists are quite easy to get and will require minimal effort. You can either use beard balm or mustache wax to twist the mustache and keep it in shape.

  1.  With a soul patch style

Combining the Fu Manchu mustache with the soul patch will have you looking great it helps push the focus from your lower lip area to the mustache.

  1. Thick and wide styleEzoic

If you prefer a thick and wide mustache, then this style is definitely what you need. The style keeps most of your hair near the mouth ad chin area but will still keep it the Fu Manchu tough look you want.

  1. Fu Manchu with stubble.

Combining the Fu Manchu with stubble will enhance your look and give you that tough look that comes with so much confidence. It helps to keep your face from looking bare and the best part is that it is easy to achieve and requires minimal effort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I avoid Sulphates?

Sulfates are included in hair and beard care products along with cleaners and detergents you use in your house. Sulfates help create the lather effect that removes dirt and oils from your hair and skin. This can be particularly dangerous as stripping too much oil can leave your hair and skin feeling and looking lifeless.

It will also clog up the pores and cause excess sebum production. Hair and Beard shampoos that have no sulfates in them create a little lather that leaves the necessary oils in the hair and skin and strips away the excess oils and dirt. Two types of Sulphates to look out for are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate.

Can Honey be used as a Hair and Beard Mask?

Honey is loaded with vitamins and minerals that help protect and nourish the hair and skin. Honey is rich in antioxidants and amino acids that can soothe skin irritations and soften the hair and skin.

Honey is also a natural humectant and emollient which means that it bonds with water molecules to increase hydration and prevents the water content of your hair and skin from lowering. Honey can be mixed with Olive Oil to create a mask that will solve all your hair, beard, and skin concerns.

Can I use a multivitamin for Beard Growth?

As time has progressed, our lives have become insanely busy. This can be in the form of work, studies, or taking care of children. In times like these, it is very difficult to take care of yourself and make sure that you are consuming all the right nutrition.

This is where multivitamins help as they contain all the right nutrients that are crucial for having flawless hair, skin, and beard. Multi-vitamins are rich in vitamins but they also come with essential oils such as Omega 3,6 and 9 which are all very important in reducing inflammation and giving the beard what it needs to grow.



The Fu Manchu mustache is a great style for any man who desires to look tough. It requires some time and a bit of effort to achieve it and therefore you will need to have a little patience to achieve the best results in the end. It will typically take about four to five months to grow a food mustache.


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