How Do I Get My Beard to Lay Down (9 Tips to Tame Your Patchy Beard 2023)

As your beard is growing, you may see that everything is going on well. However, after some time, the beard may get out of control and become a little unruly. This may cause part of the beard to stick out in almost every direction. This guide helps you how you can lay those facial scruff stick-outs flat. Allowing you to keep your beard clean and neat. 

To get your beard to lay down, you will need to have beard grooming products for this to work. If you do not have some of the items mentioned below, you can easily find them in the stores at good prices.

Here are some of the best-selling beard grooming tools that can be found listed on with free delivery.

However, you need to make sure you buy from a top-quality brand. These items are specifically formulated to keep the beard in good shape. Some items can help you tame your beard and keep it safe and strong.

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  • Beard Oil 

Beard oil is a combination of carrier oils that are best for the beard, like coconut oil and argan oil, and also essential oils, these provide the scent. Regardless of the condition of your beard or if you have had it for a long time, beard oil is what you should use daily. It keeps the skin fresh and the beard hairs strong, and it comes in a range of beautiful scents…

  • Balm for the Beard

This is a conditioning substance that works similarly to beard oil, but it is the “solid version”.  It is composed of butter, waxes, essential oils as well as carrier oils. So it is perfect for the facial hairs and the base of your beard but also gives the beard a good hold. This provides you with some styling options.

Using beard balm on its own may be the solution to getting your beard to lie flat and avoid sticking out. This will only work if you have a fairly tame beard that is only somewhat unruly and only needs a little assistance.

Beard Styling Products

You can also get beard items that are designed to improve the appearance of your beard. The trick to these items is that they also have a high wax content, as well as a variety of butter, which will help give you the hold you need to keep your beard flat.

  • Beard Styling Balms

These beard styling balms, on the other hand, usually have a much higher wax and butter content. They can also be used as a paste. This means that it is not only beneficial to your mustache but also assists you in styling it. This is something you would want to opt for if your bead is a little unruly. This is where the majority of beards will end up.

  • Beards Wax

The name gives it away, but beard wax is mostly wax and has a stronghold.  They can only be seen on the most stubborn beards. The explanation for this is that they can be very irritating to the beard and can make it feel greasy, so it is best to avoid them if your beard is not that stubborn. 

How to Make Your Beard Lay Flat 

To prevent beard hairs from poking out, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure to clean your beard.
  • Comb the beard with beard oil
  • Use a beard balm to keep the beard in shape.
  • Use a beard brush to shape the beard.

How to Get Your Beard to Lay Flat

1. Wash Your Beard

The first step is to wash your beard. Use lukewarm water to wash the beard. It should not be too hot as this might hurt the beard by drying it out. On the other hand, the lukewarm temperature is very friendly for your beard. 

Use a shampoo that is recommended for beards instead of using a standard shampoo as this might strip the beard of its natural oils. Those shampoos specifically made for beards help in ensuring that moisture stays intact and your beard looks healthy and shiny. 

2. Apply Beard Oil

Once the beard has been washed. It is time to apply beard oil. Start by patting it dry, you can use a towel to do that but leave the beard damp. A very good time to apply beard oil is straight after a shower as the skin pores are exposed at this time. 

3. Comb Your Beard

Combing the beard helps in spreading the beard oil and untangling any tangles in the beard. Make sure you are not tugging on the beard with your movements, quick, easy strides are perfect. A beard conditioning balm can also be used here. However, a brush, rather than a comb, might be preferable.

4. Applying Beard Styling Balm

Use the styling balm and has your palms spread it to your beard. Next, shape the beard downwards to your face and cheeks finally, you can be able to lay your beard flat with the beard balm’s hold. 

5. Shape With a Beard Brush

Additionally, take a boar bristle brush and pass it through your beard daily for some weeks. Your beard will begin to develop in a specific direction as a result of this. It is as though you are sculpting it into position. Then, for the very sticky-out pieces, snip them or use wax to add only to that section.

Still, have a few stray hairs on your beard?

You can take it a step further if your beard is still sticking out. However, since this poses a risk of harm to your beard, you must proceed with extreme caution. You will have to get a beard straightener, the one used on short hair.

Since they can be seriously damaging to your beard in the longer term, this has not been discussed in the resources above. When a lot of heat is used on your beard, it can deplete the natural oil in your beard, making the hair brittle, weak, and scraggly.

However, if you use it correctly, you can get a flat beard. You should use a heat protection spray to protect your beard and a straightener. The method is similar to before, except the straightener is used as the final step before adding any products. Your beard will be in desperate need of moisture after you’ve finished using the straighteners, so use a comb to apply some beard oil right away.

Is it Time to Trim Your Beard?

If that doesn’t work, it is possible that your beard needs to be trimmed. Take your beard to a local barber that you trust with your beard and have it properly trimmed. Then this will then allow you to maintain it yourself for some time. You may use a well-trusted brand of styling beard balm. After some time and maintaining it proves to be hard, you may want to revisit your trusted barber. 

9 Tips to Tame your Patchy Beard

1. Wait patiently.

Men often go through an uncomfortable period early in their development. In reality, seeing a patchy beard within the first few weeks of growth deters many men from continuing to grow their beards. However, if you are experiencing patchiness, we recommend that you wait a while.

Allow time for the beard to grow longer. it is possible that this alone would offer the impression of thickness. That isn’t to say that you can give your beard a complete comb-over, but you can use length to mask some of the thinner areas.

2. Make use of a powerful balm.     

You can also cover the patchy beard issue by using a strong beard balm.   You can use the beard balm to cover the weaker growth areas using the stronger growth areas.

3. Consider a facial hair growth product

Minoxidil is one of the growth products you can use. Do you have a patchy beard and want to know how to repair it? You may want to think about using minoxidil. Rogaine is the medication’s brand name.

Several studies have shown that using minoxidil, at least on the scalp, has positive effects. Although it has been shown to function well on its own, it has been shown to produce the best results when used in conjunction with the next option.

4. Rollers for Beards

These small devices can help fill in the gaps in your beard, particularly when used in conjunction with any of the lotions or oils listed above. Dozens of tiny needles are used in these machines and stimulate the body to send healing, vitamin-rich blood, and collagen toward the areas of your patchy beard. This will result in a healthy beard. 

5. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is an important key to growing a truly great beard. This entails taking care of your skin, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy diet. Your beard will not magically grow thicker overnight if you are generally healthy.

There are, however, a few explanations for why it could be beneficial in the long run. To begin, get some exercise. Exercise can help to boost testosterone levels. A stronger, thicker beard comes with more testosterone.

6. Take Care of Yourself

Exfoliating and washing your skin increases blood flow in your face. As a result, beard growth is more likely. Secondly, the nutrients that your body absorbs from good nutrition will benefit you in the long run. The science behind a clear connection between some foods and beard growth is a little shaky. 

7. Apply beard oil 

Beard oil can help to alleviate the itching that plagues new beards. Although the struggle is true, alcohol-free beard oil will keep your skin and beard hydrated.

8. Clean your beard

Brush your beard hair downwards with a bristle brush to cover spots and give your beard a neat, uniform look.

9. Accept What You Have

A patchy beard can be a welcome change from well-groomed facial hair. If the rest of the outfit is sharp, a patchy beard can add a rugged aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply hair conditioner to my beard?

A good conditioner will soften your beard over time as it will deliver your skin with the essential nutrients it needs, therefore, encouraging growth. But be careful as some hair conditioners have harmful chemicals in them that can cause irritation.

What product will help restore moisture to the beard?

Beard Oil! My reasoning for this is that the beard will take the moisture out of the skin causing irritation and making the skin underneath the beard dry and sensitive. High-quality beard oils will lock the moisture back in and also accelerate hair growth.

How can I prevent split ends?

Frequently trimming the beard with scissors should help remove this problem. However, I would recommend that you go to a barber as they will know how to do it and how much hair to take off. A high-quality conditioner should also help with split ends.


A beard can easily be laid flat by making use of certain beard grooming and styling products such as beard oil, beard balm, and beard wax. A patch beard, on the other hand, can be tamed by using beard products and some facial hair growth products. Maintaining a healthy diet and taking care of yourself are some of the tips to tame a patchy beard.

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