Does Aquaphor work for tattoos? (Solved)

Aquaphor creams have been around for years and Aquaphor ointment has been in the industry for decades. It is a common question asked among many tattoo owners, if they should use Aquaphor on tattoos or not. Does it really work for tattoos?

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There are mixed answers about this product because of its ingredients and some people will say that it helps while some may disagree. The reason why I am writing this article is to help you guys get the answer, Does Aquaphor ointment work for tattoos?

Overall, Aquaphor is an excellent ointment cream to apply to tattoos. It has many uses but Aquaphor works wonders on tattoos. People who have recently got their ink done on them normally wants to know if using Aquaphor cream on tattoos help hydrate new tattoo.

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When should I put Aquaphor on my new tattoo?

When applying the Aquaphor cream on a new tattoo, timing is everything!

In general, apply Aquaphor between 2-4 days from the day you get your tattoo. Immediately after getting a new tattoo, it is best to apply Aquaphor ointment on tattoos for longer-lasting ink and better skin tone.

Aquaphor works well with tattoos because it helps the skin retain moisture which contributes to a healthy-looking skin tone. This product soothes irritated skin and prevents itching too! The best part about Aquaphor as a tattoo cream is that it does not leave any stain behind.

Tattoos are basically open wounds and will take time for the body to heal itself once you get one done on you. Does Aquaphor work for tattoos?

Using an Aquaphor cream will help hydrate your new tattoo and make it much more comfortable during its initial healing stages. It also helps fade the tattoo and prevent it from the “shiny skin” effect which is a sign of poor ink quality.

Since I have used Aquaphor on my two tattoos, I can safely say that this product works well with new tattoos. It helps heal the wound faster and you will notice a significant difference in less time!

Does Aquaphor work for tattoos? Yes absolutely, it does! If you are looking for the best ointment for your new tattoo, go ahead and grab yourself an Aquaphor cream. This product really works wonders on tattoos.

The Aquaphor ointment has been around for decades and this speaks volumes about its quality. Does Aquaphor work for tattoos? In short, yes it does! Apply it to your tattoos and you will see a considerable difference in their healing process.

Aquaphor cream is very cheap and it’s readily available in most stores. In addition, Aquaphor on new tattoos helps reduce the chance of infection.

Does Aquaphor pull ink out of tattoos?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Aquaphor cream pulling the ink out of a freshly-inked tattoo. No wonder most people looking for a good tattoo healing ointment often wonder and ask if Aquaphor pulls the ink out of tattoos.

In general, Aquaphor does not pull tattoo ink out. As long as your tattoo was inked properly, applying Aquaphor will not pull out the ink.

Aquaphor should only be applied to new tattoos and should never be used on old tattoos. Does Aquaphor pull the ink out of a tattoo? No, do not use this product on your old tattoos or it can lead to severe side effects like infections and excessive ink removal.

This product is only meant for new wounds and nothing else.

It is best to stick with other tattoo creams while you are waiting for your new Aquaphor product to arrive in the mail because there are many other great products that work just as well if not better than Aquaphor ointment cream.

Tattoo aftercare is essential because these creams help promote skin healing and prevent infections. A lot of tattoo artists recommend this product to their clients after getting new ink done on them.

I have used this product several times on both my tattoos and I am quite pleased with the results so far. Does Aquaphor work for tattoos? Using it regularly, about three times a day every day has helped improve the quality of my tattoos.

It is one of the best ointment creams for tattoos on the market right now and it’s cheap too! Aquaphor cream will also not leave any stains or grease behind on your new tattoos or skin which makes it even more popular among tattoo lovers!

Is Aquaphor or Vaseline better for tattoos?

Vaseline and Aquaphor are often used on tattoos interchangeably, but which one is better between Aquaphor vs Vaseline?

Aquaphor ointment makes great tattoo aftercare than Vaseline. Aquaphor is the best compared to Vaseline because Aquaphor prevents itching, pain, and swelling and also hydrates the skin. It actually gives a soothing effect to the tattoo which is drying out because of bad aftercare products, so it can heal quickly.

Vaseline which consists mostly of petroleum jelly is not as good as Aquaphor ointment for tattoos. Vaseline doesn’t have any healing or hydrating properties. It does nothing but just create a barrier that causes the tattoo to go through a slow process of hydration and also prevents the moisture from penetrating into the skin.

Aquaphor ointments are awesome for tattoos because they contain petrolatum, glycerin, mineral oil and beeswax that moisturize the skin well and make it smooth thus preventing itching and dryness by hydrating your tattooed skin areas at the amount needed.

People have been using this product before getting tattoos inked on them for many decades now because of its quality.

Does Aquaphor work on tattoos for men too? Yes indeed! Does Aquaphor work for tattoos is a question often asked by new tattoo owners or people who are planning to get inked soon.

What most people think is that applying any type of cream will absorb all the colour from their fresh tattoos right away. This has stayed around ever since Aquaphor was first used and the myth is still here to this day.

Aquaphor works for tattoos well and It can definitely do a lot of good for your new tattoo because it has special ingredients like petrolatum and glycerin which helps keep the moisture in; but then again, you should let it dry!

When using Aquaphor on your fresh tattoos, make sure that the area around them is clean and free from dirt, sweat or grime. This way, you’re ensuring that bacteria won’t stick to your tattooed area which could lead to infection if they are not treated immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Aquaphor cream antibacterial?

Aquaphor cream, apart from protecting the colour of your tattoo, acts as an antibacterial cream that prevents the development of bacteria, therefore, giving the user the peace of mind that their tattoo and body are both well-protected without the risk of infections.

When the Aquaphor cream was used by a group of people, their tattoos healed quickly when compared to antibiotic-based topical treatments.

How long does it take for the Aquaphor cream to heal a tattoo?

Mostly, it is found that using the Aquaphor cream regularly, which is every day, users found that within 6 months their tattoo was completely healed however, it is important to note that the time that it takes for your skin to heal may be different as everybody has different skin types and therefore different healing times.

If your skin is sensitive then you may see results after the 6 months mark and if your skin is not sensitive, you can see results before the 6 months mark. It is important to remain consistent.

Can I use the Aquaphor cream even if my tattoo has healed?

Aquaphor cream can be used even if your tattoo has been healed as it will make sure that the area where the tattoo is, remains well-hydrated and looks vibrant without you having to worry about the tattoo fading or not looking its best.

The Aquaphor cream will also make sure that the tattoo does not change based on environmental factors such as weather or temperature which is why it is recommended that it be used even if your tattoo has been healed.


Tattoos are one of those things that require proper aftercare by making sure to care for them in a proper way. Remember, when you get a new tattoo it’s an open wound and needs to heal itself.

What makes the Aquaphor cream perfect for tattoo aftercare is that it has been around since the 1950s and was initially intended to be used for treating minor burns and chapped skin but has proven itself to be an excellent cream for people who have just gotten a fresh new tattoo.

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