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While considering whether or not to include new skincare items into the regimen, you may be asking whether companies are cruelty-free as well as where to look for cruelty-free cosmetics.

In this post, I’ll discuss how you may identify cruelty-free skincare companies to include in your skincare regimen and how to choose the right one for you.

Cruelty-Free Kitty is a company that was created to make it easy for people who are looking for cruelty-free brands. This was done because many cosmetic businesses now test their products on animals, which is why this was done.

Popular brands that may seem cruelty-free on paper but are not cruelty-free are:


Mac Cosmetics

Bath & Body Works


Surprised? Click on the name of the brands to learn more.

A brand that is loved and endorsed by cruelty-free advocates all around the world is E.L.F. Cosmetics. Click here to learn more about the brand and why is it loved and endorsed by cruelty-free advocates.

Cruelty-Free Kitty’s mission is to inform you, the consumer, of the truth behind a company’s policy and to ensure that you are not being duped into making a purchase.

There is a strong belief that voting with your money is the most effective way to effect good change, and they also support firms whose products are cruelty-free.

They have a database of more than 800 brands, all of which have been properly evaluated since the beginning of 2014. Because Cruelty-Free Kitty is meticulous in their research and communicates directly with companies, it took them several years to build up such a large directory.

Brands are only labelled as cruelty-free when they have responded to all of our inquiries and met all of our criteria for inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria does Cruelty-Free Kitty use to determine if a brand is cruelty-free?

There are a set of questions that Cruelty-Free Kitty asks the companies to determine if the companies conduct animal testing on the products. Some of these questions include the following:

  • Do your vendors conduct animal testing? What procedures do you use to guarantee this?
  • Do you contract with any other parties to do animal testing on your behalf?
  • Do you do animal testing when it is mandated by law?

Its criteria assure that no firms are taking advantage of loopholes to claim to be cruelty-free. Therefore, certain companies that may be located on websites like PETA will not appear on their list of recommended products.

The most up-to-date information about animal testing may be found from trustworthy organizations such as the Leaping Bunny, Cruelty-Free International, and the Humane Society International.

How Can I Use Cruelty-Free Kitty to Help Me Find Cruelty Free Products?

Their list of cruelty-free companies includes cosmetics, personal care, and cleaning products that have been certified by the organization.

You may use the filter to locate precisely what you’re searching for and limit it down to businesses that are 100 percent vegan, not owned by a parent firm that does animal testing, and other criteria that are important to you.

You may use their search function to key in a brand name and see whether it is cruelty-free before purchasing it. They presently have over 800 brands in their database, so all you have to do is key in a brand to find out how it is doing.

Go to their product page if you’re seeking the most effective cruelty-free items. With the filter, you may locate practically any product you can imagine, and you can further refine your search by specifying your preferences or values.

Their resources page has all of the information, shopping suggestions, and answers you’ll need to get started and remain cruelty-free on your travels and at home.

How Can a Cosmetic Brand Or Company Get Their Name Added to the List?

Cruelty-Free Kitty has been accepting requests from products to be included on the list since 2020.

To accommodate more small or independent firms who are committed to animal welfare and seek to reach a wider audience, the list has been broadened and expanded. These partner brands are identified on their respective brand pages by the P symbol.

Fill out the contact form and choose “Get your brand listed” as the option to be evaluated. Please keep in mind that there is a cost to be included in the list.

What Are the Parameters Cruelty-Free Kitty Employs To Assess Whether Or Not a Brand Is Cruelty-Free?

Their designated cruelty-free companies certify that they do not test finished goods or materials on animals at any time throughout the manufacturing process or after it has been completed.

Animal experimentation is not carried out by the brands themselves, their suppliers, or any other third parties in any capacity.

These companies also do not do animal testing where it is required by law, and they do not sell their products in shops in mainland China.

Is Cruelty-Free Kitty reliable?

Cruelty-Free Kitty is a company that has a belief in testing products from each and every company and using money as a means of encouraging companies to become 100% cruelty-free.

What does this mean for us, the audience? We get 100% reliable information that is authentic and in no way shape or form affected by money. What I mean by that is they do not get paid for writing bad or good about a company.

Who founded Cruelty-Free Kitty?

Cruelty-Free Kitty was founded by Suzana Rose in 2014. Since it was founded, they wanted each and every brand to become cruelty-free and they contact individual companies to find out about what and how they carry out their animal testing and what their plans are about the future.

For example, if a company is not cruelty-free, they will ask them to see what their plans are about becoming cruelty-free and when they will become cruelty-free.

Is cruelty-free really cruelty-free?

Basically put, when a company is cruelty-free, it means that the products offered by the company have not been tested on animals.

If a company wants to further enforce their claim and wants the backing of an organisation, it can get a Statement of Assurance by PETA that is known by people worldwide.

A company gaining certification from PETA means that their claims of being cruelty-free is authentic.


Cruelty-free Kitty is one of the best leading resources for finding cruelty-free brands and products. The company has a database of cruelty-free companies to guarantee that you can find any cruelty-free brand of your choice.

They make sure that the brands included are completely cruelty-free making it easy for anyone to move to use cruelty-free products. 

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