Circle Beard Style: Does a Circle beard style make you look older?

A circle beard is a diversity of goatee whereby the chin hair and mustache is connected and wraps around the mouth. Circle beards have made a major comeback because they give a decent and smart look. And they also help those with baby faces look older. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about circle beards such as how to grow and maintain them, etc.

It has been proven that men with circle beards look as much as six years older than those who are clean-shaven. The longer the beard the older you look. Some people believe a beard does the same thing as makeup such as hiding weak features and accentuating good features, men look good with beards just as women look better with makeup. 

What is a circle beard?

Circle beards are defined by the mustache being connected with the chin’s hair, they are also referred to as goatees. Younger gentlemen can have a hard time achieving the circle beard because their facial hairs are still growing and developing, but they can try something closer to anchor beard.

Circle beards are excellent for men needing a style that is well-groomed and decent. Over the past years, the circle beard has been associated with cheap fedoras and wallet chains and because of that, it wasn’t regarded as a respected beard style.  But it has been rebirth with so much respect and popularity. Big celebrities such as Brad Pit, Kanye West, and Idris Elba are making this beard stand out as a result almost every man wants to try it out.

Why grow a circle beard?

There are many reasons why men grow a circle beard. For instance, a circle beard has formal and professional aesthetics. Therefore, if you want your appearance to give off a wise and mature vibe, you should definitely have the circle beard. In addition to that, the circle beard keeps the attention on your mouth, so it may be beneficial to you if you’re a public speaker. Again, a circle beard will as well balance your facial features by visually elongating and narrowing down your face. It is perfect for those with round faces, the longer the beard, the narrower and longer your face looks.

How to grow a circle beard?

Wondering how you can grow a circle beard? Well, growing a circle beard is as easy as growing your hair. The following steps are essential when growing this type of beard:

Step one: Grow your beard to a certain height and avowing shaving. This requires you to be patient because growing a beard takes time. You can speed up the process by using beard balms and oils, these products help facial hairs to grow fast and healthy. They also prevent itchiness and dry skin.

Step two: Make sure you wash your beard on regular basis, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. These products will help keep your facial hair clean and looking smart.

Step three: When your being is well established so that a professional can outline how your circle would be, and after that, you can do the trimming job on your own.

Step four:  When trimming the beard, make sure you use the right trimmer because it will help you shape the perfect circle beard.

NOTE: when maintaining the circle beard, make sure the first outline is done by a professional to enhance a well-balanced shaving. And also make sure you always use the best shaving cream to repress the chance of a reaction.

How to trim and shape a circle beard?

Trimming and shaping a circle beard may seem like a daunting task, however, when armed with the right tools, it becomes an easy process. Below we have listed the necessary steps of trimming and shaping a circle beard:

Step one: select a fixed-length for trimming your beard

Step two: use the trimmer to even out your beard hair length. Make sure you trim your hair before shaving as it helps reduce tug and pull when shaving, and it also prevents clogged blades.

Step three: Define your goatee shape

Step four: Check for symmetry as you trim but careful not to trim too much off in an effort for it to look even.

Step five: Rinse your face with warm water to help hydrate your hair in preparation for shaving. Use a shaving gel to prevent cuts and irritation.

Step six: Make sure you shave with light and gentle strokes, it will give you a neat and close shave.

Step seven: Rinse, towel and moisturize your beard, make sure the water you rinse with is cool, and then hydrate with beard oil or balm to help the skin feel soft and comfortable.

How to maintain a circle beard and keep it healthy?

Growing a healthy-looking beard is something great, but the entire process required commitment, time, and patience. You need to always make sure your beard looks smart and healthy. Below we have listed for proper beard care and maintenance. 

  1. Trim your beard regularly

Facial hair grows constantly, you may trim today and a few weeks later you’ll return to the wild hair. So make sure you always trim your circle beard to maintain its look.

  1. Wash your beard

If you don’t give your beard much attention, you will not like the results. Therefore, you need to keep your circle beard looking and smelling smart by washing it regularly with a beard shampoo and a conditioner. The skin on your scalp is not the same as the skin on your face so using these products made specifically for beards will help stay healthy and soft.

  1. Tame unruly facial hair with beard care products

To some men, facial hair grows neatly downwards, while others have to deal with rebellious sticks straight out. If yours does the latter, use beard oil or balms to tame it. When applying the oil, make sure the beard is dry to avoid irritation.

  1. Get the right tools to maintain your beard

If you’re serious about keeping your beard looking smart, then your bathroom toolkit should have a beard trimmer, including a trimmer comb and a precision attachment. These tools will help you in the entire process of keeping your beard neat.

Top 3 trending circle beard styles

There are several types of circle beards you can try out. Below we have listed the most fashionable one you can try out:

  1. The classic circle beard

This type is trending and you’ll find celebrities like Brat Pit, looking great with it. It easy to maintain and requires minimal maintenance.

  1. The round beard 

This style is quite fascinating and simple, your beard doesn’t have to be long to achieve it.

  1. The thin style

The thin style is also very nice and easy to maintain. But make sure to trim and shame regularly to keep it in shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are circle beards attractive?

Some surveys have proven that circle beards are one of the least facial hairstyles women find attractive, but some women still find men with circle beards hot and cool. It all depends on what the particular woman you’re trying to impress likes.

How long should a circle beard be?

The perfect circle beard should be about 7 millimeters long. However, it depends on what works for you.

Do females find beards attractive?

Beards have been a sign of masculinity since the beginning of time. Beards hide imperfections and they take a high amount of effort to grow and look presentable. There have been several studies done where women rank men’s faces rated on their facial hair sizes and clean-shaven faces. Men with beards were rated a lot more attractive when compared to clean-shaven faces.

What does a beard symbolize?

Growing a beard or having a beard is the embodiment of what it means to be a man and setting yourself apart from the rest of the males. Confidence, Male Dominance, Sexual Virility, and Prestige are some of the attributes associated with the male that has a beard. Testosterone is one of the vital components for growing a beard and men who can grow a beard signal to others that their genes are superior. Beards were also so significant in the previous days that men used to use the beard as a thing to swear upon as compared to now where people use their parents, children, or their Holy Book to swear upon.

What impact does massage have on beard growth?

Massage is a free and easy way to encourage beard or hair growth. A massage is an act of rubbing the skin softly causing the skin to warm up and increases the blood flowing to that specific region. This is beneficial as when blood flows to that region, it brings nutrients along with it which increases/encourages beard growth. The key here is being gentle.

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