Can I use CeraVe on My Tattoo? (Explained)

The best way to look after your freshly finished tattoo is to find the best moisturizer that will not only prevent infections but will also hydrate and prevent fading. But, Can I use CeraVe on My Tattoo?

In general, CeraVe’s gentle moisturizing cream can be used on Tattoos. The healing process of the skin area where the tattoo is can cause the skin to dry or flake if left without moisturizing cream. The Use of CeraVe moisturizing cream or lotion on a tattoo should be just as beneficial as any other type of moisturizer, if not more so.

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What helps the healing process is protecting your new tattoo from bacteria for those first couple of days after you get it done. Using an anti-bacterial cream containing a broad-spectrum antibiotic such as Neosporin would work well.

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Using a product like this has been found to speed up the recovery time by up to 20%.

This brings us to another point – preventing stretch marks/scabbing – which can also affect how long your tattoo will last before completely fading away into nothing. Using a high-quality skin moisturizer such as CeraVe would help to prevent this from happening.

Using a high-quality moisturizing cream is definitely recommended for those getting tattoos, basically, every day after you receive your tattoo there will be one thing that all tattoo artists will tell you – keep it moisturized and keep the area clean and covered (tattoo bandages).

Using a quality moisturizing cream like Cerave should work well in conjunction with the bandage covering.

CeraVe also does not contain an SPF sunscreen, but many users have not had issues with using it on their new tattoos. Some people worry about how such ingredients as zinc oxide can affect the healing process of a new tattoo, however, I recommend avoiding sun exposure at any time during your tattoo’s healing process.

Using a high-quality moisturizing cream with an SPF rating is always recommended, especially when it comes to getting tattoos, considering most people are being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time while they heal their new ink.

Overall, the best way to keep your fresh tattoo moisturized is by using CeraVe moisturizer or lotion after you have washed and dried your tattooed area thoroughly.

Using an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin over the tattoo would also be beneficial in preventing infection and even promoting faster healing times. Of course, it’s always best to seek professional help on what would be best for your specific situation.

How often should I wash and moisturize my new tattoo?

Caring for new tattoos means knowing when to wash and moisturize but also what skincare products are best suited for your tattoo aftercare routines. But, how often should you wash and moisturize a new tattoo?

In general, a new tattoo must be washed and moisturized 2-3 times daily. Using antibacterial soap to wash your tattoo is important because it will help prevent infection and keep your new tattoo free of dirt and other potentially harmful contaminants for the duration of the healing process.

Use warm water (not hot) and gently cleanse the area 2-3 times each day after waiting at least 1 hour since the last time you washed it. Using less than this could cause excess irritation or skin peeling, leading to a slow healing process.

While the use of more than 3 washes a day is said to be avoided, there’s no such a thing as too much washing if you are using a good skin moisturizer as many fear that washing often can dry out your skin, leaving it flaking or cracked which results in an increased chance for infection.

It’s usually recommended that you wait one hour after eating or drinking before you wash your tattoo since many of the ingredients in these foods and beverages can irritate or cause an allergic reaction. Using a mild, unscented body wash is recommended, one that leaves the skin feeling clean but not overly dry. Using a product with shampoo-like consistency also works well.

The use of antibacterial soap might be considered by some to be too harsh on a new tattoo that is still trying to heal itself from day one. Using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser would work well, however, washing your tattoo with this type of product could take away some of its natural oils making it more susceptible to chapping when exposed to the elements such as sun exposure and cold weather can cause chapping to occur regardless of whether or not you have a tattoo.

Using this type of cleanser would be perfectly fine if you were to use a good skin moisturizer shortly after washing and drying your new ink. Using unscented body lotion is beneficial, especially body lotions with no SPF protection as the perfumes and dyes in scented lotions could irritate the recently tattooed area.

Applying a moisturizing cream like CeraVe immediately after washing your new tattoo seems to work well at soothing the irritated skin from bathing and remaining moisture locked in for extended periods of time can prevent excess peeling or cracking which can lead to infection by allowing contaminants into the newly etched-in lines of your tattoo.

Moisturizing Tattoos That Are Peeling.

Tattoo peeling is a common occurrence during the healing process. Peeling is not only normal, but it’s actually part of how your tattoo heals itself. Using an unscented lotion like CeraVe on tattoos that are peeling after each wash should help to keep them moisturized and promote faster healing times for new ink.

Using CeraVe cream on tattoos that are peeling is also good to avoid cracking which can lead to infection because it protects the tattoo from exposure to contaminants in the air that could be floating around your home or work environment.

Using unscented baby wipes will also aid in keeping a new tattoo clean as these have been proven safe for use on fresh ink without being too harsh on sensitive skin.

In some cases, using Vaseline petroleum jelly before going to sleep can speed up the process of a peeling tattoo for some people because it will keep excess moisture from evaporating during the night.

Using this method you should still wash your tattoo in the morning with antibacterial soap and moisturize before going out into the world so you don’t get contaminants onto your new ink from being outside or hanging around others.

Pregnant And Tattooed: Using CeraVe On A New Tattoo

If you’re pregnant you might be asking yourself “Can I use CeraVe on a new tattoo?” You may have heard through other means that using lotion on a tattoo would cause an infection, especially if its antibacterial (which is true) but if you are applying it shortly after washing, there shouldn’t be too much of a risk and it should only help speed up the recovery process.

Using CeraVe for tattoos during pregnancy is also an excellent idea if you’re prone to skin chapping or cracking because it will trap the moisture in and protect your tattoo from drying out which can lead to peeling and cracking (which would expose the new ink to contaminants.)

Using unscented body lotion on new tattoos that are peeling after being exposed to water is also recommended, however, some people find that they prefer Vaseline petroleum jelly for this part of the healing process because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could irritate delicate skin especially when left on overnight before being washed off in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use CeraVe on tattoos?

CeraVe products can be used on tattoos as they contain ceramides and emollients that are beneficial in protecting the barrier of the skin. This is extremely important as it helps speed up the healing time and make sure that there is little to no moisture loss.

Thus allowing the tattoo to heal quickly. CeraVe products also contain components that prevent the development of bacteria which helps reduce and prevent bacterial infections.

Can CeraVe be used on a tattoo every day?

CeraVe moisturizing lotions can be used every day as they are gentle to the skin and do not contain any harmful ingredients. It is recommended that you have a good tattoo care routine developed to ensure that your tattoo does not fade and cause infections.

Using CeraVe as part of a good tattoo care routine will ensure that your tattoo heals quickly and the area of the skin does not become discoloured and it also prevents stretch marks and scarring that can ruin the look of your tattoo.

How long before my tattoo is healed when using CeraVe?

The time that your tattoo will take to heal is completely dependent on your skin type and how you are caring for your tattoo. Usually, with regular use, people report that their skin has healed within 2-3 months time however, your time may be different due to a number of factors such as skin sensitivity and the use of the CeraVe products.

The people in the test group were using CeraVe Moisturizing lotion after every time they washed their tattoos. This ranged anywhere between 2-3 times a day. The people in the test group carried this out for 4-5 months and the majority of them reported seeing darker and well-hydrated tattoo areas.

Can I use CeraVe lotion on my tattoo?

CeraVe Lotion can definitely be used on your tattoos as Dermatologists recommend this lotion to people who have tattoos as the skin loses its moisture during the tattooing process and the CeraVe lotion is gentle enough to restore the moisture without causing further damage to the area of the tattoo.

The CeraVe lotion does this as it contains ceramides that protect and restore the layer of the skin that allows moisture retention which in turn allows your tattoo to look and feel its best along with encouraging the natural regeneration of the area of the skin that has the tattoo.

Is CeraVe good for tattoos?

CeraVe is an excellent option for people who have tattoos as the product contains ingredients that help heal the skin by allowing the natural regeneration of the skin and reducing any bacterial infection or further damage to that area of the skin.

CeraVe is also able to hydrate the area of the skin where it is applied as it contains Ceramides in its formulation that create a barrier on the skin that prevents moisture from escaping that encourages the skin to heal itself.

The product is also gentle and mild enough to be used every day and be applied to damaged and sensitive areas of the skin without causing any further damage.


CeraVe is an excellent option for those who want their tattoo to look its best and also not have to worry about the possibility of infections. The ceramides and emollients present in the CereVe moisturising products make sure that the tattoo has all the moisture it needs and prevent it from being susceptible to changes in the weather and temperature. I

t is also unscented which means that your skin will not be inflamed and irritated after use. It is definitely worth a try!

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