Top 10 Best Smelling Beard Oils 2022

There’s no better way to celebrate a well-groomed beard than making sure that it also smells good and enticing to pogonophiles. That’s why a beard requires the right attention and care if it is to flourish and grow into an attractive asset for the well-groomed man. 

In the spirit of ensuring that it is tamed, hydrated, and given the right nutrients, I use the best smelling beard oils that can provide all these requirements. 

The best smelling beard oils of 2021 include 

This article will equip you with the knowledge on the current best 10 smelling beard oils and why they are the best. 

1. Honest Amish Beard Oil

A lot of people are fond of this beard oil since it’s general-purpose beard oil. The Honest Amish company has been known to be consistent when it comes to making beard products for old and new beards alike. 

The most notable thing about the Honest Amish beard oil is how much it depends on natural ingredients all the way. This beard oil is not only known for its quality but does a great job too in conditioning your beard and getting rid of the itching. 

Another thing worth knowing is that it is a great moisturizer when it comes to your skin and beard while giving a great fragrance. A survey conducted among those using this product and other specialists proves that this beard oil has a great fragrance. 

We can say the scent of this beard oil is warm but at the same time masculine with a dash of a little spicy undertone. 


  • The formula of this beard oil is of high High-quality
  • Makes use of organic and natural ingredients only
  • Beard growth is promoted and moisturizes the beard. 


  • It is considered to be rather expensive

2. Cremo Beard Oil

Cremo is a company that comes from Italy and it is commonly known for its production of high-quality shaving creams. Now, this Cremo beard oil is basic but still in the league of a premium brand product. 

This product is perfect for sensitive skin people since it is milder in essential oils and works perfectly for shorter beard care and those with a stubble beard. The greasy feel comes from the Sunflower ingredient which requires you to rub it softer in comparison to other beard oils. 

This beard oil is similar to the Honest Amish since it also had both the argan and jojoba seed oils, which just shows that this is top-quality beard oil. 


  • The price is low
  • Works best for short beards and skin


  • It is rather standard if you compare it to premium brands. 

3. Bossman Mixture of Beard Oil and Balm

As the name suggests, Bossman Mixture of Beard Oil and Balm comes as a result of mixing beard oil and balm. A semi-solid good conditioner is a consistency that you get from this. 

This proves effective when it comes to applying it and makes it last longer than standard beard oil. This mixture is found in different scents, which also includes unscented one. Stagecoach, Hammer, Gold, and Magic are the other four. 

The smell that they give out is tasty. Since when it comes to the best smelling beard products, is quite a rather debatable matter, this scent might not be that pleasing to you but some might find it the best, so no worries. 

The scent is quite fruity but with that masculine dash. It is subtle and the time it lasts I quite different and better than most beard oils. Hydration and conditioning are what is provided with the Shea butter. The beeswax that is added provides an extra hold. 


  • A mixture of beard oil and beard balm
  • A good grip is provided
  • It is a good moisturizer
  • It is made from natural ingredients


  • The absorption is not much and a greasy and heavy impression is provided. 

4. Golden Skull Beard Oil

Golden Skull Beard Oil is considered a strong contender for the Honest Amish. This beard oil has a very great mix of high-quality ingredients for such an affordable price. There is just a lot that is enjoyable about this beard which puts it in the ranks of great smelling beard oils. 


  • This product is worth every penny
  • It has a great formula for a carrier oil
  • It is vegan and free of cruelty


  • May be abit pricey. 

5. Seven Potions Beard Oil

Everything about theSeven Potions beard oil is premium. This beard is equipped with an impressive list of carrier oils in the formula and the scent is just lovely which is a bit deep in an earthy and Woody way accompanied with a fresh citrus undertone. 

Another feature that makes this beard oil stand out is the number of oils found in this product. Not less than six different ones are what are used as carrier oils.

 One of them is the Meadowfoam seed which is the best when it comes to adding a shine to the hair that is attractive and restores dry and itchy skin. 

These oils can also be combined with Jojoba oil, ensuring that the beard oil recipe contains high-quality transport oil. Another thing contained in this is the essential oils that help the wearers. 


  • It has a nice scent
  • It is packed with a lot of quality oils
  • It is packed in a great way. 


  • It is cagey on the complete ingredient list

6. Be my Beard Beard Oil

Be my Beard is now a beard oil that you have to pay close attention to. It is equipped with 10 natural and organic ingredients which imply a great mix when it comes to nourishment and hydration of your beard. 

The surprise ingredient is the addition of Vitamin E oil. Remember that Vitamin E can improve the flow of blood to your skin which plays a vital role in strengthening your beard. 

Another great feature is the extra shine that is added to your whiskers and this comes in handy for men who wish to repair a dull or frizzly looking beard. It has a subdued scent. 


  • It has organic and natural ingredients
  • The price is affordable
  • It is user friendly
  • It has a light Woody scent


  • The smell does not last

7. Ranger Beard Oil by Leven Rose

Ranger Beard Oil by Leven Rose in particular is known to have only two ingredients: organic jojoba oil and organic argan oil. Interestingly, this simple structure is that these two ingredients are the most popular carrier oils in the beard game. 

The thing is both of these are antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamin E. This beard oil can rarely cause pimples as they have a combined score of less than one, which only means light and easily absorbed elixir, making our skin smooth and well-fed. 

Plus it is organic which is a catch for most of you who prefer natural products and this beard oil is 100% natural. 


  • It is completely organic
  • It has a simple formula that is ideal for bearded beard
  • It has no added color


  • It has no essential oils

8. Badass Beard Care Beard Oil

Badass Beard Care Beard Oil is a product that bearded veterans, Badass beard care introduced. The main point is that this beard oil in particular is their best selling even up to now. 

This beard oil is all-natural and is made in the US and stands out due to its masculine citrus-like scent which begins from medium to light strength. This scent can be compared to that of sweet lemon and it is not that strong. 

This beard oil is known to use several natural oils, like apricot oil, argan oil, and pure vitamin E oil, especially when it comes to ingredients. 

The thing you have to know about the Apricot oil is that contains mainly oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid, and a natural emollient, which helps in making smoother and soften the hair. 

An addition is the beard oil containing Vitamin E which works as a natural antioxidant and healthy hair growth is promoted. Its dandruff also promotes blood circulation may oil and also prevents any inflammatory problems. 


  • It tall has a sweet citrus scent
  • The ingredients are all-natural
  • It absorbs quickly
  • Healthy hair growth is also promoted


  • Only one container size
  • A bit expensive

9. Black Skull Beard Oil

Black Skull Beard Oil seems to deal much with the problem of the skin becoming itchy and irritated using a vengeance of its natural beard oil. 

This beard oil provides many benefits for your beard and the utterly natural formula works in eliminating the beard itch. There are a lot of things that make this beard oil great like that it comes in an amber glass which helps in extending the shelf life of the oil and it does this by protecting it against UV light rays and oxidation.

 In addition to that, it has a masculine scent and the user-friendly dropper enables you to take exactly the right amount of product in your hand. 


  • It is all-natural high-quality ingredients
  • Oxidation is prevented by the large dark Amber glass bottle
  • Easy to apply due to the presence of the dropper cap
  • The beard is not left with a beard feeling and oily one. 


  • It has that expensive premium price. 

10. Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Beard Oil

As the name might give a hint,Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Beard Oil smells like cigar smoke or smoking that is passive. There is no need for you to get intimidated as the scent is the sweet vanilla-like scent that is not overwhelming but still noticeable by many. 

It is blessed with great consistency and this only implies that absorption is done quickly and your beard is not given a greasy or bulky appearance. 

It has ingredients filled with natural oils like tree oil, pure apricot oil, plus sweet almond oil. You might know that the tea tree is praised for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial capabilities. 

If you have dandruff and an itchy beard, this is your solution. In addition to that, this beard oil is a natural cleaner excess oils build up are reduced by the Hair follicles as a result of any clogs are relieved and they are given the chance to breathe again. 


  • It is known for its quick absorption
  • Dazzling sweet vanilla scent
  • Dandruff and itch are reduced
  • It is made from natural ingredients
  • Includes aloe vera which takes care of the beard. 


  • The consistency is too thin for an oil. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Beard Oil?

The main reasons are that beard oil helps in softening the coarse hair and makes it smooth and more accessible when it comes to style and your facial hair is made much healthier and the skin beneath is conditioned which makes the chances of itching or beard dandruff reduced. 

Dry skin problems are also reduced by beard oil. In addition to that, good-smelling beard oils only that your beard will smell great all day and you won’t need aftershave.

Why does my beard smell like cheese?

The reason your beard smells like cheese is because of the bacteria that live in our beards. Let me explain! When the skin underneath your beard produces sweat or perspiration, the bacteria that is present on the skin surface reacts with the sweat that gives off that cheesy smell. The best way to avoid it is to use high-quality beard oils as cheap quality beard oils disintegrate which causes the oil not to hold its shape properly and therefore do more bad than good.

How can I keep my beard clean and smelling good?

The way to keep your beard clean and smelling good is to use high-quality products and be clean in general. What I mean by that is that you must shower regularly and use products that have been specially created for your beard. When using the product, use a little amount as that will let you know whether the product reacts well with your skin.

Can use the shampoo I use on my hair on my beard?

The shampoo that you use for the hair on your scalp is not meant to be used on your scalp as it is specifically created for the hair on the scalp and may irritate the skin underneath your beard. It may also cause annoying beard itch and beard-druff.


Upon reaching this stage, you can realize that a beard requires the right attention and care if it is to flourish and grow in a very great way. 

Ensure that it is tamed, hydrated, and given the right nutrients by using the best smelling beard oils that can provide all these requirements. 

A recap of the list of the top 10 Best smelling beard oils of 2021 is Honest Amish, Cremo, Bossman Mixture of Beard Oil and Balm, Golden Skull Beard Oil, Seven Potions Beard Oil, Be My Beard Beard Oil, Ranger Beard Oil by Leven Rose, Badass Beard Care, Black Skull Beard Oil and, the Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Beard oil, respectively. 

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