Straightening Out the Facts on Beard Straighteners.

The beard straightener is a relatively new invention, but it has quickly become one of the most talked-about grooming tools in recent times. It’s not clear what sparked this sudden interest: some people say that beards are becoming more popular and men want to keep them looking groomed at all costs; others think there have been enough manly trends for a while now and guys just need something different to try out.

 Whatever the reason behind their newfound popularity might be, these devices can do wonders when it comes down to getting your facial hair into shape or styling up before an important date with someone special!

The big question on everyone’s mind though is whether they’re safe… 

Beard straighteners are safe for daily grooming and long-term beard care. The main challenge for beard grooming enthusiasts is figuring out what temperature is too hot and which one is perfect for keeping your beard straightened safely. 

A beard straightener with poor temperatures can pose an Irreparable risk of damaging facial hair, which is why finding one that has been deemed as the best before trying this new grooming trend out is vital.

Beard straighteners are not only safe for use but can also be a great way to save time. For instance, the best beard straightener will keep your facial hair looking healthy and groomed without having to spend hours styling it with all sorts of products that may damage both you and your face’s appearance.

Wholeheartedly agree! Beard Straightening has been an amazing invention, one that makes my life so much easier while still preserving my perfect style from day-to-day or whenever I need some refreshing grooming treatment in between shaves (which is every other week).

What are beard straighteners, and how do they work?

Beard straighteners are small devices used by men to straighten their beards, for a person who is reading about this for the first time it may be a little bit confusing. You may ask yourself what does that even mean? Well, these beard straighteners are responsible for most of the straight good looking beards most men have.

When connected to the electricity or when using non-electric, this straightening brush brings a smooth and straight look to a beard after using it. The concept is not new, it is deeply influenced by how an Iron works, its job is to straighten the beard. But this device doesn’t look like iron, it’s more like a small hairbrush and it is enabled to function the way it does because of bristles that are inside, and that when it is turned on and you start combing your beard it’s power will manifest.

This is how it works, let’s say you are one of those people who is always struggling with your curly beard, and you just don’t know how to keep it straight. Beard straightening is the thing you need to look into, as there are also different methods to get your beard straight and not curly anymore. These methods are natural, some are mechanical and chemical, and all of them dwell on beard straightening and they work on getting your hair to be more comfortable and easy for you to clean on top of that boosts your looks as well.

So if you have been having problems with your beard because it looks coarser, curly, or frizzy try straightening it and enjoy your new good looks. The best part about beard straighteners is that they will give you more and better results than what balms and oils can bring you. If you have been using a hairdryer the whole time, try a beard straightener and compare the results. If you happen to have curly hair, kill two birds with one stone by using this to your advantage and use beard straighteners on your hair as well.

Why is the safety of beard straighteners important to you?

When you have used the beard straightener incorrectly, things may turn ugly as they can damage your beard. That said, you need to make sure that you are using the device the safest way possible.

You may have been keeping your beard for some time and now that you have it, instead of nurturing it to add to your new looks, having it burnt will be the last thing you would want for your beard and your looks.

How can you tell if a beard straightener is safe for your beard?

Beard straighteners come with a power volume, some do not produce a lot of heat, and some produce a lot of heat. All of this is based on the type of beard you have, a short beard may require not that much heat as it is easy for things to go through. On the other hand, long beards may require something more powerful, it needs a beard straightener that can produce enough heat.

It is believed that 385 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature that can be used for beard hair and flourish. From there going up the temperature will not be good for hair, therefore may damage it.

However, one study showed that blow drying that can be done from a distance of 15 cm at a temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit will have a less negative effect of damaging the hair than hair left to air dry naturally.

To answer the question, you can tell that the straightener is safe for your beard by making sure that you do not exceed this heating temperature of the beard straightener. The higher you go the more you expose your beard to the threat of being burnt. Therefore, mind the temperatures and try not to go too high and ruin your beard.

Tips on how to use a beard straightener safely.

With all of this information, you may be so interested but have no idea where to start from, if you have your beard straightener already, here we will help you with steps and tips that you can use when you want to straighten your beard. Let’s a look at how the beard straightening process works.

Step #1. Apply Heat Protectant

To avoid having your beard damaged or burnt, it is very important for you to always use a heat protectant before you get to straighten your beard or hair. You must always be careful with this step because these hot tools if they are used on your hair without the protectant they may damage your strands. It is important to check the heat protectant and know how much protection it can offer since beard straighteners have different temperatures and heat production and on the other hand, the protectant has products that can only shield and protect a specific heat and some heat may be too much for the shield.

Step #2. Comb Through Your Beard

This stage is all about getting your hair to be freer, so it’s all about combing, making sure there are no knots and that the beard is free, and letting the protectant mix well and be more effective.

Step #3. Grab Your Beard Straightener

Having applied and combed your beard this is where the actual straightening happens. Firstly, you heat up your straightening brush, once it has enough heat take your time to run it through your beard slowly, be gentle. You can try out ways and methods that you feel will help the brush reach out to your beard evenly. You can do sections or segments and make sure you continue until your beard is smooth and straight.

Step #4. Apply Beard Cream

We all have our go-to cream, get that to help give your beard more shine or if you don’t have any, L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Hair can be something worth checking out together with Beard Cream. With this, you can have your beard looking good and never have to worry about looking out of place just because of your beard.

Best Beard Straighteners that may be suitable for your Beard Care needs

  1. VLOXO Viking beard straightener.

If you care about your beard, this is one of the beard straighteners you need to consider. The good design makes it easy to hold or handle, it is fast charging and also lets you comb in any style.

  1. INVJOY Cordless Viking beard straightener.

This is for those that like to travel and those that may need some urgent beard straightening. The benefit of having this cordless beard straightener is that it is very convenient and very good for those that have short beards. It may not be suitable for those with a long beard.

  1. VIKICON heated beard straightener

Apart from this being the first beard straightener that was invented, it is the best design that is there and also of good quality. The problem it has is the price and it’s something that the average user may not afford. It has a short cord that will require you to be close to the socket or even struggle if the socket is out of reach.

  1. LuckyFine beard straightener

This is one of the best beard straighteners you can get for your beard, it has a dual voltage and it is very safe to use as it also has an anti-scald design.  It controls the heat damage that may occur with its element of negative ion emission.

  1. Lidasen beard straightener

This is a very good beard straightener as well and it does not pose a threat of damaging your facial hair, it gives the chance of also doing different styles to your beard whether it is just straightening or having curls and you can also use it when you just want to brush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a beard straightener really work?

A beard straightener works if you suffer from curly and coarse hair. It is more effective than using beard oils and balms to battle this issue. They are the perfect tool you can pull out when you need to look polished and presentable for a meeting or date.

Can I straighten my beard by using a blow dryer instead of a beard straightener?

A blow dryer can be used to straighten the beard instead of using a beard straightener by using some sea salt spray, a round brush, and a blow dryer. Start by applying some sea salt spray while your beard is slightly wet. Use the blow dryer on medium heat and the round brush to straighten the beard. Finally, apply some beard balm to give your beard some shine and moisture.

Why is my beard hair curly?

Beard hair is curly in most men and this is down to genetics and the direction in which the hair grows along with any kinks that the hair follicles may have. This can be dealt with by using a beard straightener or a comb.

Final thoughts on using a beard straightener

Beard straighteners are very good for beards but that will also depend on the heating brush that you have purchased. With the right beard straightener, you can get the look you have been wanting. At the same time, if you misuse it, it can also have its effects: beard damaging and something that you do not want. So take some time, check out different beard straighteners and see if it fits your beard needs, and then work with that.

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