Do Beard Straighteners Damage Hair? (Explained)

The debate between beard straighteners and hair damage is a hot topic, but not all of the arguments are true. Some say hot beard straighteners can damage hair and cause follicles to clog, while others argue that they help shape your facial hair to look more professional at work or on a date! So what do experience and science have to say? 

Generally, beard straighteners do not damage beard hair. However, if you misuse beard straightener heat settings, any good beard straighteners can turn out to be bad for your beard hair, hair follicles and even dry up your skin. 

Though there’s enough evidence to back the claims that they’re good, the same heat that can shape your facial hairs to make you look more polished on a date or at work can also turn out to be your nightmare if the beard straighteners are not used as they are intended to. 

Beard damage is a huge problem for many grooming enthusiasts. After working so hard and waited to have a nice beard, the last thing you want is to start having problems with your beard. Beard straighteners are a must-have for anyone with curly and not as straight as you want it to be. You may have seen other people with a beard that is very attractive and straight and you have thought of getting a beard straightener.

What is a beard straightener?

A beard straightener is also known as a straightening brush, it can simply be described as a device used to smoothen and straighten the beard. This is similar to iron in that almost all of us have an idea of how it works or a hair straightener for women, but with this beard straitening device for men, it comes in a shape of a small hairbrush and it has bristles. These are the ones that are responsible for transforming the looks of your beard as they are used to comb the beard upon being heated.

Do beard straighteners damage hair

Upon spending a lot of time growing your beard, the last thing you would want is to get it damaged by a hair straightener. Yes, and No, beard straighteners can damage your hair but on the other hand, beard straighteners are really good for your beard.

It’s all about how you use your straightener, too much heat can cause damage to your beard as it will get burnt by the heat. This damage may also be caused by keeping the straightener for too long in your beard, the heat can be bad for your beard.

So just to be on the safe side have a straightener that you can control,  this is important as it prevents you from burning your beard. And also mind the length of your beard,  hair that is too short may be hard to straighten so wait for it to grow and then you can straighten it as much as you feel like.

Another thing to consider when it comes to preventing your facial hair from getting damaged by a beard straightener is applying a heat protectant this will help you from getting burnt by the heat as you straighten your beard. If you cannot find a heat protectant you can also try to find the cream formula, these two can keep you safe and have you worry less about your beard next time you want to straighten it.

When should you use a beard straightener?

Using a beard straightener may depend on your beard type or how your beard grows. There are some people whose beards are naturally curly for these a straightener is ideal If they are into straight beard.  So a beard straightener can be used when your beard is usually having a shape you do not like, sometimes a beard forms a shape that gets unattractive.

Things to consider before purchasing a beard straightener

There are a lot of things that need to be considered before buying your straightener, these things may also depend on how your hair grows, the length, and the shape of your beard growth. Let’s take a look at some of the things that must be considered.

  1. How long is your beard?

For hair straighteners to work, the length of your beard can also play a huge role, the same way with the hair on your head. It will be weird to find a person with short hair trying to straighten it, this heated paddle will find it hard to run into it or brush, unlike trying to straighten a long beard.

That does not mean that those with short beards are left out, no, a natural bristle comb or a short hairbrush can do the magic. For your short beards, you might as well go for beard balms that are not abrasive.

  1. Do you have the time?

Keeping a beard itself and caring for it can be a lot of work to some, so think about spending some extra minutes straightening it. Some people do not care how their beard looks they can even go out and meet with people without having anything to worry about, on the other hand, we have people who would like to look presentable at all times. With this, it may be time-consuming, so before thinking of taking this up you must look into the type of person you are, will this be a problem at some point?

Straightening your beard will mean that you will be required to make time for cleaning your beard and also having it dry before you start straightening it. Rushing into these steps may end in damaging your beard.

For this to work without you damaging your facial hair, you may consider getting straightening cream that will also do the same job the straightener does. However, some people argue that it does not give the same results compared to a straightener but you can give it a try and see if it works for you. Another option is just to have a short beard; this will save you a lot of time plus it is very easy to take care of. If you think you can manage to spare some time for some beard straightening, you can as well do that. Remember,  it’s all about you having the best look you desire.

  1. Do you have space?

Given the types of straighteners that are there, it is very important to pick wisely, for those that are on the road it’s best to get a cordless straightener or have the one that does not require electricity as you can be at someplace where you do not even have access to electricity or the only option you have is to fix your facial hair in your car. If you have enough space and time you can ger the beard straightener that you can be connecting to the electricity as you will not have issues and end up needing to use the non-electric straightener.

Where can I find the best deals on a quality, reliable, and affordable beard straightener?

Beard Brand for best hot air beard straightening

  1. Dry & Style Hot Air Paddle Brush by InfinitiPro by Conair – $18.99 

When it comes to brushes for straightening a beard, InfinitiPro Hot Air Paddle Brush is the best. These hot airbrushes are so unique and what makes them stand out is that, when straightening your beard, it feels like you are just brushing your beard with any regular brush. 

If you have been looking for a beard straightener this is the best thing you need to check out, and the price is very fair.


One thing that is important to know about these airbrushes is that the heat it produces only gets up to temperatures of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means that if you happen to have a beard that is very thick and burly, these brushes may not be a good choice as it will not produce enough heat. 

While the InfinitiPro by Conair Dry & Style Hot Air Paddle Brush may not be ideal for people with a very thick beard, having these brushes going at $18.99 it’s a deal that is hard to let pass by.

Heated Brushes for Best heated brushes

  1. Mini Healthy Heat Thermal Straightening Brush by Eva NYC – $35 

The Eva NYC Thermal Straightening Brush to be a wonderful alternative for beard straightening. It is very compact and the best in its category. The Eva is by far the most appropriate brush that you can get for yourself. It has a chord that is a solid 68” length, which means you have no worries about moving it around your face as you straighten your beard. 


This brushing device makes things very simple as it has an off and on power button with a has a fixed temperature setting which is a good thing, unlike other devices that will give you a headache figuring out to work around the heat settings. This device’s heat only reaches up to 380 degrees, even though the packaging promises it can reach 400 degrees.

Though it may not be what they said on their package the heat is on a good level because more heat can be bad as well. Anything from 385 degrees is bad but where their heat reaches it is a good device. 

This beard straightener is great, and at $35 it’s even better, following that it doesn’t have many risks, unlike other devices. The packaging is not that very impressive but still, you can explore if there is another better choice but this is a very good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a beard straightener every day?

As Beard Straightener uses heat to straighten your hair, it should not be used every day. Using a heat tool on your beard every day can damage your beard, it can cause the beard to become brittle, dry, and dull. Using a heat protectant may reduce the damage to some extent but still in my opinion it is not worth the risk. Although using it may give you a clean and neat look but personally, I would just comb my beard.

Can I curl my beard using a beard straightener?

A beard straightener can be used to curl a beard depending upon your beard length. It will be done in exactly the same manner as you would curl the hair on your head. A word of caution, be sure to use a lot of heat protectants and when washing the beard, use a high-quality beard conditioner to soften and tame the hair. This will help in reducing the damage.

Apply heat protectant on the beard. Then section the hair and then start to grab the hair using the beard straightener and twist it. Do this all over the beard. After you get the desired results make sure to use a blow dryer on the cool setting to lock in the position of the beard. Then apply beard oil to give your beard protection and make it look healthy.

What does a Beard Relaxer do?

A beard relaxer will you a straight beard. It will relax the hair follicles and make them lie flat. They prevent the need for a beard straightener to be used. They will give you a straight and well-groomed look. Try it out.

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