25 Trendy Manly Viking Beard Styles To Wear In 2022

Do you wish to know all the trending Viking beard Styles in 2021? If that’s the case, then you’re definitely reading the right article. Read on and discover the 25 trendy manly Viking beard styles to wear in 2021 and how to achieve a Viking beard.

The 25 trendy manly Viking beard styles to wear in 2021 include bold Viking beard, long Viking beard, bushy beard, modish beard, single braid Viking beard, blond and short Viking beard, Viking beard in pony style, thin braid, twisted style, chest-length Viking beard, Viking beard with colourful baubles, braided Viking beard, thick and textured, polished Viking beard, handhold Viking beard, medium rugged length, Viking beard with side fringe, waist length long beard, Viking beard with English moustache, salt n pepper version, V-shaped Viking beard, short Viking beard, the straight beard with a man bun, Viking beard with beads and salt and pepper beard. 

Viking beard hails from a region that is referred to as Scandinavia. A Viking beard is generally a well-groomed long beard style that the ancient Vikings used to grow to aim for a warrior and braver appearance or look. 

25 trendy manly Viking beard styles to wear in 2021

1. Bold Viking Beard

This Viking beard makes you look like the coolest Viking there ever is. It has a side fringe with a taper fade and hard part hairstyle, making the men’s beard more amazing in appearance. This Viking beard can be kept round or a bit curvy if you wish for a sharper look. 

2. Long Viking Beard

The most notable thing about this beard is that it is easy to maintain. There is no need for you to waste time trimming or styling the beard. All you must do is apply balm or oil and then comb the hair afterward, and you are good to go. Am sure you have noticed that gray hair makes a Viking beard look more respectable. A long beard will look more interesting if you give it a simple buzz cut or if it has mid parted longer hair.  

3. Bushy Beard

A bushy beard gives the facial hair a thick and textured look. Bushy beard gives the thin facial hair a thick as well as a textured look. This Viking beard has a medium length and is truly easy to care for as it does not need any grooming or a specific shape. This Viking beard has to be left to grow freely.  

4. Modish Version

Your beard has to be given a classy and elegant look by changing it into a Viking beard. The facial hair must be kept short, while the mustache and chin beard should look thick and long. This Viking beard has to be given a square shape or make it pinned. Buzzcut and medium sleek hair are the perfect combinations to wear with this beard style.

5. Single Braid Viking Beard

This Viking beard is in the top ten of the well-groomed styles. It is a common Viking beard, and most definitely, you have seen it several times, but it is still a stylish trending beard. This beard is given a rope-like shape by making it a single braid. A thick beard will be perfect for this Viking style A shaved head is perfect for this beard type.

6. Blond and Short Viking Beard

Style and grace are attained by applying blond to your beard. It gives an alluring personality to men. This beard is a bit longer than the shaven look, only that it is smaller than the medium-length beard. This beard looks great with a short comb over or spiky hairstyle. Blonds can be applied to the whole beard or the mustache and chin hair only. 

7. Viking Beard in Pony Style

If you are a busy person and do not find much time to braid your beard, a pony Viking beard style can be made for a distinctive look. There is no need to tie this beard with elastic bands as ancient Viking beards can be used for the beard’s ornamental purpose. This only provides an imaginative look of Invaders as well as reveals men’s strong physique. 

8. Thin Braid

This Viking style is suitable for those people with thin beard hair but wishing to have that Viking look. This can be achieved through a single thing braid also. The Vikings’ beards come to the rescue in case you think this style is not looking stylish enough for you. The mustache can be trimmed or it can grow longer until it covers all your lips as well. A fiercer look is attained by classic earrings or ear studs and a long ponytail hairstyle with an undercut. 

9. Twisted Style

If you are one of those guys who have problems in making braids, this style was meant for you. The beard has to be divided into two sections and then the sections have to be twisted with each other. If a man has a long braided Mohawk, it is just a fantastic combination to wear with the twisted long beard. 

10. Chest Length Viking Beard

This beard comes mostly in a square shape and does well with short hairstyles and long hairstyles. A Black beard can be kept or a reddish-brown dye can be kept if you wish to have a modern look. This beard has to be trimmed after a time of 15 days or up to one month as this depends on your facial hair growth hence the need to maintain its length.  

11. Viking Beard with Colorful Baubles

This is an innovative way to make sure that your Viking beard is decorated in a modern and delightful way. These vibrant baubles will offer that energetic and youthful look. With this avatar, you will surely be going to stand out in the crowds.

12. Braided Viking Beard

This is a genuine beard that was worn by Vikings many years ago. Longer hair and waist-length beard! Divide the beards into two sections and make braids of these two sections. The beard’s braids have to be tied with elastic bands. The hair has to be kept open, or you can choose to make a ponytail. 

13. Thick and Textured

It has that rough appearance but gives you that rocking look. This beard requires a lot of maintenance. There might be trouble when it comes to eating or drinking as the facial hair might come into their mouth. If you are fit enough to handle this look, then you surely have to try this Viking beard. 

14. Polished Viking Beard

This is a Viking beard that has that decent look but also looks cool at the same time, it does well with any outfit. If a man has a side-swept or slick back hairstyle, a man’s look can be completed with or without beard oil or a beard balm. 

15. Handhold Viking Beard

This is a well-groomed and round shape thick Viking beard which looks very smart when it goes with a buzz cut, completely shaven, or bald head. Take care of this beard by applying beard oil or balm for a glossy look. 

16. Medium Rugged Length

Men attain a mesmerizing Viking look that suits the modern age through this rugged beard with shoulder-length or longer hair. Men with the discussed avatar and resilient attitude lead you toward the imagination, that’s how Vikings would look like in ancient times.

17. Viking Beard with Side Fringe

An ancient rough Viking beard is given a stylish and presentable look by regularly grooming the beard and wearing an impressive hairstyle because it has a modern adaptive appearance. Side-swept fringe or front bangs make the men’s personality more intensive.

18. Waist Length Long Beard

This beard is demanding; it requires a lot of patience as well as maintenance. The waist-length beard can get entangled very easily you might find it irritating to release these tangles. If you are equipped with a Buzzcut or a completely shaved head, it will greatly match with a Viking beard as it gives you a balanced look.  

19. Viking Beard with English Mustache

This is a relation long and thick beard that has a slight duck shape. This Viking beard can be blended for a trendy look. The beard does well with an English mustache because of its length and texture. An ultra-masculine look is attained with the aid of a comb-over or undercut hairstyle.

20. Salt n Pepper Version

This beard is that kind of beard that will give you a prominent personality among sophisticated people as it has a silver-blonde and black color combination. This Viking beard will make you stand out. 

21. V-Shaped Viking Beard

This beard stands on top of the chat when it comes to class, it is very easy to maintain and style. A Man bun or topknot with an undercut does well with this V-shaped Viking beard. We recommend that you go for a professional beard execution for a better V-shaped Viking beard.  

22. Short Viking Beard

It is not a must to have all Viking beards long. This Viking beard can be kept in a medium length and wearing a Goatee. For the hair, part it in the middle and let it fall messily on the shoulders. 

23. Straight Beard with Man Bun

Just like your hair, this beard also needs combing and nourishing; hence when using heated brushes or flat irons, see to it that you spray it with a heat-protecting product. The beard has to be given a nice trim by defining the edges and keeping it shorter on the sides and cheeks, while the front is long and perfectly straight..

24. Viking Beard with Beads

Growing a beard requires patience, there will be a need for you to wait a few months according to how your facial hair grows. In the case that the next hair grows faster, make sure you trim it now and then regularly intending to maintain an even length. 

25. Salt and Pepper Beard

A trimming machine has to be used to define your beard’s edges and make sure the desired shape is attained. The balm has to be used for the mustache to avoid it becoming wispy. Beard oil should be used for your Viking beard for softness, shine, skin nourishment and to run away from flaking. 

How to Achieve Viking Beard Styles?

Step 1: Choose Your Style and Length

In case you are starting from scratch, length and style should be a priority before you can decide to start to grow your facial hair. The shape of your face should be considered when choosing the style you want to go for. 

For people with round faces, your jawline can be accented by a square beard. It is recommended you trim heavily around the cheeks and lightly on the chin. Hardline cutting or trimming should not be done. Give your beard time to grow a little bit longer than your jaw or chin naturally, then it has to be trimmed back.  

Step 2: Eat Right and Take Your Vitamins

We can refer to your body as the beard factory, you know why. If it is not supplied with proper nutrition, obviously the produce will not be good. 

You definitely have to eat a healthy diet on top of boosting your beard growth with the help of supplements. Add me oysters to your diet, iron-rich food like oysters, leafy greens, and high-quality proteins which are all good and suitable for beard care.  

Step 3: Let It Grow

Everything in this world needs time. Your patience is tested in the journey of growing a beard. Before you can think of trimming and shaping your beard, let it grow to its full potential for at least a month. We all know what sacrifices it takes to be the best groomed man. 

Step 4: Keep It Clean

Some people usually think Vikings lack personal hygiene, and we understand that. Well, as evidenced by their lifestyle, the amazing fact is that this is contrary to the truth. There are writings about the custom of combing hairs and beards every day. Not to forget, make sure that whatever beard style you are aiming to have, caring for it is of paramount importance. 

Step 5: Keep It Trimmed

You have to trim your beard periodically if this particular beard is non-scraggly. Some people prefer trimming their beards set with the aim of extra manageability, which is deadly as you end up trimming more than you intended. 

Make sure you do this with care. You can get a nice beard trimmer and this will surely motivate you. It is recommended that you use sharp barber scissors for trimming. Don’t hack your progress away with dull scissors. Short or long, keeping your beard symmetry is key. Start by the ear and trim down to the chin.

For Longer Beards:

The beard has to be combed and untangled first and then use clipper attachments like number 4, and then your neck has to be pulled next to your neck skin tight area that you wish to trim. The trimming has to be done at an angle. 

For Shorter Beards:

Your beard must be washed and combed first. Take time and visualize the shape you prefer. Two fingers of the beard should be left below your jaw as you trim your neck. Always wash and comb your beard first. A different trimmer has to be used to trim a fade up your neckline. 

Step 6: Don’t Neglect the Skin Underneath

Your beard has to be kept healthy, and the formation of dandruff has to be prevented and you can do this by moisturising your face. This is the moment where beard oils and beard balms show their true importance. 

Step 7: Wear It with Confidence

Have that kind of confidence like a warrior ready for battle, always striding with pride and confidence while wearing your Viking beard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vicks be applied to the Beard?

Vicks is a product that is used by people worldwide to fade stretch marks, heal headaches and lock moisture into dry skin. Vicks does not have ingredients that will encourage hair growth or beard growth. There is also no significant scientific evidence to confirm its effectiveness.

Can I use a Beard Shampoo that contains Beer/Alcohol?

Beer or any other kind of alcohol increases the conversion of DHT into 3-alpha-diol which is the hormone that manages hair growth speed. However, I must stress that the Beer or Alcohol must be incorporated into the ingredients/formula. Do not apply it on its own!

Does working out having an effect on the rate at which my beard is growing?

When you are working out, your body is producing testosterone that accelerates beard growth and stimulates body replenishment which means that your body starts to recover and repair itself. This results in new blood being rushed around the body causing nutrients to get to places such as hair follicles which results in increased hair growth.


All the Viking beard styles that have been mentioned here are trending in 2021, and they are classy and innovative on top of being stylish. You can try any of these in the year 2021 for a bold and warrior look. Always let professionals do the job if you would like a perfect styling of the beard. 

Now just as a recap, the 25 trendy manly Viking beard styles to wear in 2021 include bold Viking beard, long Viking beard, bushy beard, modish beard, single braid Viking beard, blond and short Viking beard, Viking beard in pony style, thin braid, twisted style, chest-length Viking beard, Viking beard with colorful baubles, braided Viking beard, thick and textured, polished Viking beard, bandholz Viking beard, medium rugged length, Viking beard with side fringe, waist length long beard, Viking beard with English mustache, salt n pepper version, V-shaped Viking beard, short Viking beard, the straight beard with the man bun, Viking beard with beads and salt and pepper beard. 

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